Microsoft to announce Windows RT tablets

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Microsoft to announce Windows RT tablets

Microsoft is ready to compete with the Apple iPad. It is expected to announce a major launch today. Microsoft is reported to have scheduled an event in Los Angeles today for a major announcement. The sources outside the company claim that the company is planning to unveil Windows RT (Windows on ARM) tablets that are designed by it.

The software giant was tight lipped about the Windows RT and Windows 8 tablet development. The other brands like Asus, Acer and many others have unveiled Windows RT based devices at the Computex 2012 event. But, Microsoft has a different schedule. It aims to take a big bite at the market of Apple iPad with its own hardware and software based Windows RT tablets.

At this timeframe, it is tough to state how the already announced tablets made by other PC makers are different from the new Microsoft branded tablets. The details on these new devices are scarce and the competition is sure to get interesting. The Nexus tablet that is made by Google and Asus will be launched soon and Microsoft will be driven to provide affordable tablets of the same specifications.

By the end of this year, we can see more affordable tablets with the Android and Windows RT operating systems. The pricing and availability of the tablets are not announced by the companies.

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