More rumors about Samsung Galaxy S3

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More rumors about Samsung Galaxy S3

You would have read so many rumors and leaks about the Samsung's new smartphone, the Galaxy S3. In case you are not sick with them, we have some more for you. Guess what? There were lot of rumors on the launch date and finally it is confirmed to launch on May 3. It is quite normal to have many regarding the features.

What we have for you now is regarding the outside. SGS3 is expected to have a 1080p Super AMOLED high definition screen, quad core Exynos processor and LTE support as per earlier reports. Now, it is claimed to have a partially ceramic casing with glass or metal accents on it. It is expected to come in multiple colors. It will have either blue with black or white option.

We already saw that it might have a physical home button and five row UI. It will not have the on screen buttons that will be present in the Android 4.0 ICS devices. Galaxy S3 will be the official handset of London Olympics 2012. This makes sense as the company has announced the launch on May 3 in London.

What do you think about these rumors? Will all these be true? What features you like the Samsung Galaxy S3 to have on board?

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