NASA’s Artemis 1 Second Launch Attempt Fails After Fuel Leak; Is It Over For SLS?


NASA Artemis 1 mission was scheduled to liftoff on September 3 but was stopped from launching after a fuel leak was discovered. The premier space agency called off the second attempt to launch after a hydrogen leak delayed the entire fueling process. The next launch window is available tonight.

NASA’s Artemis 1 Second Launch Attempt Fails After Fuel Leak

NASA Scrubs Artemis 1 Launch For Second Time

Previously the SLS mega-rocket was supposed to launch on August 29 but was pushed further after the crew noticed an error in RS-25 engines powering the SLS core stage. It seems the delay will further continue as the second attempt to launch was also put on hold. This time due to a fault in fueling.

"This was not a manageable leak," Artemis Mission Manager Michael Sarafin explained to the press after the liftoff was canceled. It was also revealed that the NASA ground crew attempted to troubleshoot the fuel leak three times at the Kennedy Space Center. They finally recommended a 'no go' for the launch, failing the second attempt.

When Will Artemis 1 Launch?

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said: "We'll go when it's ready. We don't go until then, and especially now on a test flight. This is part of the space business." He also explained the next attempt for Artemis 1 liftoff.

If the issue is resolved and fixed, Artemis 1 can launch today, September 5, or even on September 6. NASA has a launch window at 5:12 PM EDT (around 3:42 AM, September 6 Indian time). If NASA doesn't launch at this window, it can attempt on September 6 at 11:57 PM EDT (around 4:27 AM, September 7 Indian time).

On the other hand, the launch will be delayed if NASA has to roll back the SLS mega-rocket for repairs. In this case, the launch will likely take place in October only. NASA also has a launch window open in mid-September but the space agency might push for an October launch instead of pushing the SLS rocket back and forth.


The NASA Artemis mission is one of the most ambitious programs as it aims to establish a human presence on the lunar surface. The upcoming Artemis 1 mission involves an unmanned flight orbiting the Moon and returning to Earth.

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