Researchers develop a new technology to read the minds of people

The study was able to read participants' minds with 85 percent success.

    Well, technology is something that continues to fascinate us. Besides in this present day and age, it has become so significant that they have transformed our world and how we live in it. But again technology is never constant and it will only progress more as we head into the future. That being said, what we if we state that there is a new technology being developed that can read minds of people. Sounds something out of a science fiction movie right? But, we are talking about reality here. Researchers have now carried out a study using equipment to read the minds of people.

    Researchers develop a new technology to read the minds of people


    Well, researchers from Brazil, India, Germany, and Finland have conducted several tests on participants to find out what song they were listening to by decoding the signals sent by their brains to the machine. The team conducted the study at Brazil's D'Or Institute for Research and Education and used a Magnetic Resonance (MR) machine to read participants' minds which interestingly displayed 85 percent success.

    The study, published in the journal Scientific Reports, contributed to the improvement of the technique and paved the way for new research on the reconstruction of auditory imagination and inner speech.

    In the experiment, six volunteers heard 40 pieces of classical music, rock, pop, jazz and others. The neural fingerprint of each song on participants' brain was captured by the MR machine while a computer was learning to identify the brain patterns elicited by each musical piece.

    Musical features such as tonality, dynamics, rhythm, and timbre were taken into account by the computer. The computer showed up to 85 percent accuracy in identifying the correct song -- a great performance when compared with the previous studies.

    While the development and application of such technology is highly debatable, in the future studies on brain decoding and machine learning are expected to create possibilities of communication regardless of any kind of written or spoken language.


    "Machines will be able to translate our musical thoughts into songs," said Sebastian Hoefle from D'Or Institute and Ph.D student from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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    In the future, Hoefle expects to find answers for questions like "what musical features make some people love a song while others don't? Is our brain adapted to prefer a specific kind of music?"

    Further, as per the experts, this technology could be used to enhance brain-computer interfaces in order to establish communication with locked-in syndrome patients in the clinical domain.

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