Teen's iPhone 5 concept video

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Teen's iPhone 5 concept video

A 17 year old teen from Oklahomo has imagined the concept video of iPhone 5. This fake commercial sets high standards for the most anticipated next generation Apple phone. Already, there are many leaked images regarding the upcoming Apple smartphone.

Previously, an artist Jon Fawcett created concept images of the iPhone 5 based on the rumors about its design. This short video from Dakota Adney imagines the next iPhone to have the iOS 6, a see through Retina Display, a quad core A5 processor and a virtual projected keyboard.

The upcoming Apple phone is creating a lot of buzz. We have seen the leaked front and back panel images, back panel of upcoming iPhone 5 with iPhone 4S and recently, alleged images of the iPhone 5.

Check out the video below to know more about his imaginations of the iPhone 5.

It is to be noted that the features shown in the video are only his imaginations. The next iPhone may or may not have these.

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