Video: James Webb Telescope Captures Spinning Wormhole In Deep Space


James Webb space telescope is the talk of the town just as NASA revealed some of the first images that the telescope captured. Now, a new photo has surfaced online, thanks to Judy Schmidt which was captured from the James Webb telescope. The new image is also from deep space and showcases a spinning wormhole.

James Webb Telescope Captures Wormhole In Deep Space

James Webb Telescope Captures A Wormhole

The image of the wormhole spinning before our eyes reveals how minuscule we actually are. Named 'Phantom Galaxy', the wormhole is seen glowing from nearly a million miles away from Earth. The image was captured on James Webb's mid-infrared instrument (MIRI).

The image of the wormhole highlights the dust lanes in the galaxy NCG 628 or Messier 74. This particular galaxy is called the perfect spiral because it's perfectly symmetrical. Scientists now say the Phantom Galaxy is an intermediate-mass black hole embedded at its heart.

Interestingly, the same galaxy has been imaged on several previous occasions from other equipment like the Hubble Space Telescope and even the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE). However, the image of the galaxy from the James Webb Telescope is quite different as it highlights the cosmic dust from the mid-infrared range.

James Webb Telescope For Deep-Space Exploration

The powerful 18-segment hexagonal mirror of the James Webb telescope further makes capturing deep-space and far-off galaxy images even more powerful and captivating. So far, the James Webb space telescope's journey has been an interesting one. The launch itself was delayed by weeks and now that it's finally functional in space, scientists and astronauts are tapping into its true potential.

Recently, the first of the images from the James Webb telescope was shared by NASA and is available for the public to view. The new telescope is immensely more powerful than the already existing Hubble Space Telescope.


NASA and other premier space agencies hope to discover more details from the new space telescope. Plus, the data and imagery from the JWST are even more accurate for better processing. Presently, NASA is working on the Artemis 1 mission, which will soon undergo a major uncrewed test flight in the coming weeks.

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