Windows Phone 7.8: Leaked Nokia Document Reveals New Features of Update

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Windows Phone 7.8: Leaked Nokia Document Reveals New Features of Update

Soon after the release of Windows Phone 8 in October, consumers have started questioning regarding the Windows Phone 7.8 OS. However, at that time, there was not much information of the release date and software features of the same. But, Microsoft assured that more information will be revealed in the coming weeks.

According to a Chinese blog, a leaked slide claimed to be a part of the Nokia presentation kit reveals a few more potential features of Windows Phone 7.8.

The slide talks about the new Start screen coming in the update along with the three Live Tile sizes to help personalize the phone. Twenty themes, matching the number found in Windows Phone 8, are aboard. Internet Explorer has security updates and MP3 files can be edited to produce a ringtone.

Other features coming to Windows Phone 7.8 include the ability to use Bing wallpapers to customize the lock screen. As we get closer to the actual Windows Phone 7.8 update, you can expect more features to be announced by the Redmond based firm.

Lately in October, some features of WP7.8 OS were leaked on the company's Facebook page. These features include uninterrupted access to relevant content and services from Microsoft such as Xbox Music Store Library which the users can enjoy through Zune and Xbox Smart Glass and club functionality for sharing the calendar.

Let us hope that the Windows Phone users get to see the 7.8 update soon as Windows Phone 8 is already making its way to the market.

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