Google Fiber: A new fast Internet network [Video]

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Google Fiber: A new fast Internet network [Video]

After much anticipations Google announced Google Fiber, its high speed Internet network on Thursday. Initially, Kansas City, USA will get this ultra high speed Internet network in September.

Fiber offers an Internet connectivity speed of 1 Gbps that is, 100 times faster than the average broadband connections available at present. Google Fiber is made of thin optical fiber lines that run directly from a user's home to a data center that is connected to the national Internet backbone.

Google claims that the direct connection will let users to experience high internet speeds. The search engine giant also claims that it was inspired to develop the Fiber with the FCC's 2010 National Broadband Plan that aims to make high speed Internet more widely available in the US.

Google Fiber will start home-installation after the pre-registration deadline of September 9, 2012. The service is priced at $70 per month that is competitive with other broadband internet providers in US.

Interestingly, it can be paired with a television component called Google Fiber TV. This service will broadcast channels and TV shows on demand. Google started the Fiber project in February 2010.

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