Facebook exposes man with two wives

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Facebook exposes man with two wives

The automatic efforts of Facebook that helps users to connect to through friends whom they might know has changed the pace of a man's life. Two women in Washington have found that they have been married to the same person with this option. This has led Alan L O'Neill, corrections officer with bigamy charges.

As per the charging documents, O'Neill married a lady in 2001 and then moved out in 2009 after which he changed the name and then remarried another woman without divorcing the first wife. Facebook's People You May Know feature has suggested the Wife No.1 with the Wife No.2's profile which let her know that O'Neill is married again.

Then Wife No.1 called the other woman to meet her and it was then that the Wife No.2 learned that her husband is still married to the first one and that they have not been divorced. In fact O'Neill had told his first wife not to reveal about his dual marriages to anyone and that he would fix the issue with the necessary documents. But his first lady has alerted the authorities.

The social networking site, Facebook is not only one that can create relationships but also destroy them. People can know about the others and land up in reporting the authorities.

In fact this is a warning to all the Facebook users who are doing such kind of practices as it might expose them to others whom they feel should not know about their activities.

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