Facebook India Gag Creator Garbage Bin: Victim of Plagiarism!

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Facebook India Gag Creator Garbage Bin: Victim of Plagiarism!

Garbage Bin, the Indian Gag maker who post immensely hilarious posts on the social networking website Facebook has recently been a victim of plagiarism.

The man behind the social page, Faisal recently posted on his timeline that a social page called 'Make you Smile' copied his latest gag, which he posted on his page on Friday. The designer all the gags, who replicates himself in his creations with the character of 'guddu' urged his fans to complain and report abuse about the accuse page “ for using abusive language with the fans of Garbage Bin, when they questioned him, as why he removed the credits.”

The post went viral within 40 minutes and in that time, hundreds of Garbage Bin fans reported abuse against the duplicator profile. As a result, in a matter of just few minutes, the profile was shut down and it doesn’t exist anymore. Surprisingly, Faisal has also deleted his post on the same, on which comments were increasing like a spree. (seen in the picture above)

Garbage Bin has been a recent revolution in Indian Gags which is gaining high popularity in Facebook for its very own Gags based Hindi and which focus mostly on the childhood funny incidents and moments of everyone’s life. Faisal Mohd, the creator of Garbage Bin is a Graduate working at Geek Mentor Studios.

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