Twitter Blue Isn't Scrapped, Hints Musk: Revised Subscription To Rival ‘Official’ Label?

Twitter Blue Isn't Scrapped, Hints Musk: To Rival Official Label?

Twitter launched the revised Twitter Blue subscription last week, and as expected, it resulted in chaos on the micro-blogging network. Elon Musk pulled back the subscription that basically allowed anyone to buy the blue tick which earlier denoted a verified account. The new CEO of Twitter has indicated that the new Twitter Blue subscription hasn't been scrapped, and it will make a comeback. Could Musk be trying to find a balance between the Twitter Blue subscription and its blue checkmark, and the "Official" label?


Twitter Blue Hasn't Been Dumped, Indicates Elon Musk

The new and pricier Twitter Blue subscription was the brainchild of Elon Musk. He claimed the subscription could be a great leveler on the social media platform. The subscription was, however, abruptly pulled back, and all new applications from potential subscribers are currently on hold.

Among other benefits, the Twitter Blue subscription offered subscribers a blue checkmark. This badge is identical to the blue tick that Twitter previously awarded to popular and influential personalities. While Twitter conducted its own verification before bestowing the badge, the Twitter Blue subscription basically sold the same to anyone willing to pay $7.99 per month.

As expected, there was an exponential rise in fake "verified" accounts. Many users started impersonating influential personalities. Incidentally, Elon Musk had categorically indicated Twitter would suspend accounts found guilty of impersonation without declaring it was a parody account. However, this warning didn't seem to deter many.

Perhaps to halt any more damage, Twitter pulled back the subscription. Twitter accounts are no longer able to subscribe to the Twitter Blue subscription. However, the network will reintroduce the subscription, in about two weeks' time, indicated Musk.

Will Twitter Blue Checkmark Rival Official Badge?

Elon Musk acquired Twitter barely ten days ago. However, he has made multiple changes in this short time span, only to backtrack. Not only is the Twitter Blue out of circulation, Musk even yanked the Official badge just hours after introducing the same.


While the Official badge seems to be making a comeback, the Twitter Blue subscription could also return. It is possible that Twitter could reconsider the privileges that are bundled with the subscription. Musk hasn't indicated if Twitter would make any changes. However, it's obvious that Twitter Blue needs some more finetuning if it has to survive alongside the Official badge without causing confusion or helping spread misinformation.

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