Apple iPad 5 Video Surfaces Online: Clues At Touch ID Fingerprint Sensor Aboard

By Vivek

While Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C have already become old news, all the focus has shifted to leaks and speculation regarding the upcoming iPads from Apple. To be precise, the iPad 5 and iPad Mini 2 are said to come soon.

Apple iPad 5 Video Surfaces Online: Clues At Touch ID Sensor

Sadly, there are hardly any details pertaining to the specs and features of these upcoming tablets. However, most analysts assume that the next generation iPads would come with a similar fingerprint sensor installed in it like the iPhone 5S.

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The assumption becomes more believable when the video came online courtesy of unboxtherapy. The video clearly shows the front panel of the next generation iPad using a smaller Home Button. In the video, users tried fitting Home Buttons from Older iPads into the slot, but they just wouldn't slip in. This indicates that Apple will be using a smaller slot despite adding a Touch ID sensor into it.

However, they then tried slipping in a Touch ID sensor from an iPhone 5S and it fit in perfectly into the space alloted for the home button on the iPad 5. Thus the video allows us to believe that the next generation iPad will come with the Touch ID sensor incorporated in it.

Apple's iPhone 5S and 5C have already hit the news headlines countless times. Not only that but the news iOS 7 and the 64 Bit architecture of the processor along with the fingerprint sensor (dubbed "Touch ID") have also attracted a lot of users to the new iPhones with the promise of enhanced security.

Moreover, because of all these new added features, the expensive iPhone 5S is still in a process of getting much more feedbacks from the tech savvy users. When it comes to Touch ID, most have already found out ways to hack the new fingerprint sensor as well.


However, Apple might be working towards preventing the hacks at the moment. So fans can expect the prevention of the Fingerprint hacking by the time Apple launches the new iPad with Touch ID sensors.


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