Apple iPad Pro comes with 6 GB of RAM and 1 TB storage and we are not surprised

Apple iPad Pro comes with 4/6 GB of RAM


The Apple iPad Pro 2018 is the most powerful and the most expensive iPad that Apple has ever launched. The price of the base variant of the Apple iPad Pro starts at Rs 71,990 (for the 11-inch model with 64 GB internal storage), and the price goes up to Rs 1,71,900 for the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 1 TB of storage and LTE support (e-SIM), whereas the 11-inch iPad Pro with similar configuration is available for Rs 1,53,900.

Apple iPad Pro comes with 6 GB of RAM and 1 TB storage

For the first time, an iOS device is shipping with 1 TB of storage and 6 GB of RAM, which makes the iPad Pro, the most powerful tablet. A developer named Steve Troughton-Smith has discovered that the iPad Pro comes with 6 GB of RAM using Xcode developer tool.

The developer also confirms that the Apple iPad Pro 2018 with 64 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB of internal storage comes with 4 GB of RAM, which is identical to the last generation Apple iPad Pro's RAM capacity. So, if you are planning to buy an iPad Pro, then you have to shell out at least Rs 1.5 lakh in India.

Does an iPad require 6 GB of RAM?

The flagship Apple iPhone XS Max comes with 4 GB RAM, and the iPad Pro is the first iOS device to ship with 6 GB of RAM. With the Apple iPad Pro, the company now supports fully-fledged Adobe Photoshop, Autocad 3D and other professional software, which does require a lot of RAM to offer smoother performance.

The Apple iPad Pro 2018 also gets a significant upgrade with respect to the GPU performance. According to Apple, the Apple iPad Pro 2018 can offer Xbox S like performance, as the tablet comes with the most powerful 7nm Mobile Solution, the Apple A12X processor, which is also the first Octa-core processor from Apple.

In fact, the latest iPad Pro from Apple is almost as powerful as a laptop with Intel Core i5 or an Intel Core i7 chipset with respect to CPU and GPU performance. This also hints that the company might launch MacBooks with an Apple processor, instead of an Intel processor in the near future.

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