7 Budget Friendly Smart Clothes To Look At This Year

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Last year has been a milestone year when it comes to emerging smart wearables, be it smartwatches, Fitbit bands, smart lighting, in-ear sleep headphones, and even GPS-enabled collars for your pets.

7 Budget Friendly Smart Clothes To Look At This Year

But the range of smart wearables is not limited to accessories alone. Clothing also has seen a huge progress in this category. Clothing combined with advanced technologies does not always mean they're way beyond your budget.

Let's take a look at seven smart outfits that are pocket-friendly and useful too from here.

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Xiaomi Li Ning Smart Running Shoes

From smartphones, smart TVs to smart washing machines, Xiaomi is one company that is touching every aspect of a smarter lifestyle. Its Li Ning range for running shoes with smart sensors are meant for all those joggers and racers out there.

The shoes are specially designed for motion, speed and steps recording which are available at a range of Rs. 2,000 to Rs. 4,000. These waterproof shoes are packed with a Bluetooth chip which delivers runners a statistical measurement data and recommendations in their smartphones to improve their running.

MyZone Low Support Bra

A sports bra with a heart rate monitoring chip is leading the change from sports clothes to smart clothes. MyZone, a leader in smart sports wearables, has introduced Low Support Bra with tracking sensors that share heart rates to the MYZONE app in your Bluetooth connected device while working out.

The results can be seen on your smartphone or gym monitor. Available in three different customized sizes such as small, medium and large, MyZone Low support bra comes in Black at $70 (nearly Rs. 4,640).

Ralph Lauren Polo Tech Shirt

When it comes to designer wear, American fashion designer Ralph Lauren's PoloTech Apparel range is undoubtedly the 'second skin' perfect for all the gymers and sports persons. Its silver fabric is woven directly into a small sensory box fixed near the rib-cage.

It tracks biometric stats like heart rate, steps taken and breathing rate. Its sweat absorbing compression fiber further helps in blood circulation and muscle recovery during the workout. An iOS-only app syncs the data from the device and offers real-time analysis of the workout session. This tech shirt is available at $295 in two different shades - Black and Blue.

LikeAGlove Smart Measuring Legging

It's a very common struggle with every shopper to get a dress or a pair of bottom wear with a perfect fit. Not only the waist size, but getting the perfect shape for hips, and thighs is undoubtedly a great deal.

To thwart this problem, Israel-based LikeAGlove has developed a measuring legging to get your perfect shape. Just put on the legging, switch on the device attached to your waist strap, wait for five seconds and the Bluetooth enabled device sends your perfect measurement in the app connected. Available at only $35, this leggings app then redirects to shopping options available for your size.

Radiate Athletics Shirt

Premier athletic apparel manufacturer Thermal Vision's body radiating workout shirt could be the ultimate companion for all as the shirts change its color in the exact positions where the wearer is exerting the most.

This tight fitting shirt also illustrates the exact blood flow through your vein pattern. This way, the shirt allows you to understand the areas which are left behind and need a workout.

Mimo Wearable Baby Monitor

As a parent, imagine if you can monitor your infant's breathing, movements during sleep, positions, and heart rate at your home without disturbing your sleep. Boston-based startup Rest Devices has made this true by rolling out specially designed baby dress at a cost of $199 for infants. It alarms parents whenever there is any change in baby's body or movement during their sleep.

From a Bluetooth-enabled turtle shaped device, located near the rib cage, parents get a detailed report on their smartphone or tab. This statistics can be helpful during the child's regular doctor's visit.

Jacquard-Denim Jacket Powered by Google and Levi's

When US Jean maker Levi's and technology giant Google comes together, the result undoubtedly is a path breaking innovation that can change world's vision for Smart Clothing. Levi's and Google's Advanced Technologies and Project (ATAP) unit has rolled out Project Jacquard where they are making the denim jacket specially woven by an interactive fabric, currently aiming the cycle commuters.

The jacket will show cyclists their desired location, nearby places, help set music and notify the incoming calls without taking out the phone just by swiping the hand over the magnetic sensory device fitted in its sleeve. The jacket is set to roll out in coming 2017.

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