Apple Watch: Top 10 Hidden Features You Should Know

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Apple Watch is finally here in India!. Apple launched its wearable in the Indian market at a price starting from Rs. 30,900. Initially, it was unveiled back in September last year and went on sales early this year.

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With the watchOS 2 update, the Apple Watch comes with a lot of features that make it stand out from the crowd. Well, on the closer inspection, there are definitely some helpful and interesting features in the Watch. You can check out the Apple Watch pros and cons.

The 38mm variant of the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch edition start at Rs. 30,900, Rs. 48,900 and Rs. 8,20,000 respectively. While the 42mm variant Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and Apple Watch edition start at Rs. 34,900, Rs. 52,900 and Rs. 9,90,000 respectively.

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Today, we have jotted down all the interesting and lesser known features of the Apple Watch, take a look at the slider below to know more.

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Force Touch

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

Apple has recently introduced one of the biggest features called Force Touch for its latest iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus. In the Apple Watch, you simply hold finger down on the screen and you will get a pop-up menu, which includes deleting notifications, changing music source when the music app is open and to compose texts or tweets.


Hey Siri

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

Just like the iPhones, Apple Watch also has the voice assistant Siri to help you. You just need to say "Hey Siri," and it will help you find what ever you are looking for. However, a quick press-hold of the Digital Crown will produce Siri as well.

Stream Music

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

The Watch can store music directly on the device. It will also let you to stream music to any Bluetooth-enabled speakers or headphones using the Airplay.

Handoff Notification

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

Apple Watch comes with a feature called Handoff, which allows you to pick up notification on your iPhone and Mac from your Apple Watch or vice versa.

Take screenshots

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

Take screenshot of Apple Watch by pressing side button and the Digital Crown together. You can check the screenshot in the iPhone Photos app.

For Left hand

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

There are many people who ties watch on left hand. Apple has make it easy for them. You can change the orientation of the screen and even the Digital Crown to make it more comfortable set-up.

Sleep Mode

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

The most conventional way to put your Watch to sleep is by lowering the notification sound. Well, there is another simple trick, just cover the Watch with your palm will instantly put it to sleep.

Customize Glances

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

Glances such as activity, weather, battery life, heartbeat and more can be customize by removing or adding new Glances. Go to Glance page, in your iPhone's Apple Watch app. Here you can remove or add from a total of 20 Glances.

Find my iPhone

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

If you have misplaced your iPhone, instead of asking a friend to all, you can use you Watch to find your iPhone. Open Glances in Settings, and press the iPhone icon with noise waves emanating from the side. Your misplaced iPhone should start making a loud chiming sound, making it easy to locate.

Switch between apps

Apple Watch Hidden Feature:

There is not multi-tasking on the Apple Watch, you need to switch between apps by just double-clicking the Digital Crown.

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