SoundBot SB565-BLK Stereo Bluetooth Headset review: Superlative call quality with unrivaled comfort

The era of the traditional Bluetooth headset might have come to a close. Today, if you visit Flipkart or Amazon or any other major e-retailer, you will see that the single-piece bluetooth headsets have mostly evolved into stereo Bluetooth headsets.

And the new headsets, almost all of them include microphones for you to make calls, call control buttons and more. However, a major component of a headset's success depends on how it fits and feels, sound quality, design, style, battery life, and extra features.

Having said that, SoundBot a California-based lifestyle audio and accessories brand, recently introduced its high-performance, secure-fit, SB565 Stereo Bluetooth 4.0 headset in India. The company claims that the earphones are a top of line device for everyday use, for streaming music and hands-free talking.

SoundBot SB565-BLK Stereo Bluetooth Headset review

Moreover, the company has said that the SB565 Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earphones which is water resistant and gives great listening experience, is one of its best in class devices introduced into the market. "It's priced a competitive range and is a device you want keep handy as it befits all age-groups and lifestyles, especially those who have an active routine."

Is the headset really what the company claims? We got our hands on the bluetooth headphones and tested it for a week extensively. So without further ado, here is our review of SoundBot SB565 Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headset that promises good things for the users.


Talking about the first aspect, the design of SB565, well, it does come with a unique and stylish design that makes the headset blend in with all occasions and is suitable for the widest range of atmospheric conditions. The headset while it has been designed for audiophiles, feels ergonomic with tilted ear tips and it has a soft ear gel cushion to stabilize as well as maximize mobility and comfort for everyday use. As for sports-active users, they need not compromise on the concise design, compact form factor, portability and light weight of the headset.

SoundBot SB565 fitted perfectly well and the headset held firm when plugged into my ears. It is not going to fall off easily, plus it was also quite comfortable. You can actually wear it for longer period of time.

Further, the headset features streamlined control buttons and an accessible built-in mic for call management, hands-free talking, remote music streaming, volume adjustments, and music playback. You can access all the functions without any hassles. However, you might have to go through the manual first to know the controls in detail. But again, the headset delivers intuitive and easy navigation.

This headset is also basically designed as a stereo headset with two headphones which is connected by a wire. The right headphone is packed with battery, has a multi functional single button which is backlight, micro USB port to charge the battery and volume rocker / media control button.


Soundbot SB565 is equipped with latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. While the company claims that the Bluetooth Headset is universally forward and backward compatible with all the Bluetooth enabled devices i used it with Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 and and Apple iPhone 6.

Moving forward, the setup was pretty simple. As per the directions given in the manual we switched on the device and the Bluetooth in my smartphone and started pairing the device. The device appeared as SB565 when i searched for device in my phone.

To start the setup process, the multi functional single button has to be pressed for almost 7 seconds where it will first glow in blue hue and once the pairing is done it turns red and then again it will turn back to blue. You can also hear a beep when pairing is complete. That is basically how the headset confirms that it is paired with the phone. And that's it for the setup, it was easy and quick.


The company claims that the headset has been exclusively developed to offer HD acoustic sound and dynamic music listening experience. How well did it perform in real case scenario?

Well, the audio quality was good when i was on a call. The speaker's voice was clear enough and the built-in microphone did a good job in capturing my voice. Hands-free talking could be made from up to 30 feet of remote distance but that is without any obstruction. I faced some break in the connection whenever i went from one room to another.

As for listening music, the headphones delivered crispy high note, exhilarating mid range, and a okay sounding bass. All in all the headset delivered a decent performance.

Battery life was pretty good. On continuous usage it delivers upto 5-6 hours of runtime. If you are using it from time to time then it can easily last up to 4-5 days or so. However, everything depends on your usage. Charging is again easy as it comes with a micro USB port. So you can use most micro USB supported charger to charge it. It takes about an hour to fully charge the headset.


Since this headset has been made for people on the move it does serve the purpose. It is comfortable, does not not fall off easily, has a good battery life, better Bluetooth compatibility and delivers a decent sound or you can say listening experience to its users.

All in all, the Sounbot Bluetooth SB565 headset makes excellent voice calls for a pair of Bluetooth earphones, but lacks a bit in musical prowess. Besides that, this headset will pretty much offer value to consumers for what it's worth.

The headset is available in an exciting and sporty color ‘Black on Black', and is priced at Rs. 2,177. Soundbot SB565 Bluetooth universal earphones are available on


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