Most expensive apps you can download on your Android device

Did you know that there are apps priced up to Rs. 26,000?

    Who wants to download paid apps? If this question runs in your mind, then you need to know that there a handful of crazy people who spend a whole lot of money on apps.

    Most expensive apps you can download on your Android device

    It is common to see people buying apps costing a few hundreds, but imagine spending several thousands on just an app purchase. Well, if you dig into the Google Play Store, you will get to know that there many Android apps that cost you up to Rs. 26,000. And, what's more interesting is that most such apps don't give you any great useful feature.

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    Let's take a look at some of these most expensive apps those are available for download.

    Most Expensive Android App

    This app is actually a widget that offers a Badge on your phone and a certificate that will help definitely differentiate you from the others. It is for the rich people and shows that they have the most expensive things. It will "Most Expensive Android Widget" as a status symbol and feel proud.


    Expensive Digital Wallet

    This app is priced at Rs. 2,419. It lets you keep a track of your expenses by letting you add or deduct balance, check your balance history, and the balance left on your wallet. It also shows the various transactions you have done using the app.


    The Most Expensive App

    This app is just for the sake of show off. We say so as this app is one of the most expensive ones available for download costing Rs. 26,000. What it does is just show an amazing and sparkling diamond on your smartphone's display to show to others that you are rich.


    5-Minute Sports Medicine

    Priced at Rs. 5,491, this app gives you fast guidance that will help in diagnosing and treating sports-related medical issues right on your mobile device. It has resources for over 280 topics and helps you diagnose and treat minor issues caused due to sports. It also has expanded physical therapy-related details.


    Dr.Web Security Space Life

    This app offers you comprehensive protection against all kinds of malware that is targeted at the mobile devices. It is priced at Rs. 4,050 and it does a full system scan, real-time file scanning, optimizes the battery resources, etc.


    The Atlas of Internal Medicine

    The Atlas of Internal Medicine app offers a collection of over 2,000 superior quality medical related images that represent the indications of disorders that most people might come across in their daily life. The images are of full-color and offer a strong visual approach.


    I'm Rich Man-Most expensive

    Pay Rs. 26,000 and download this app just to show that you are rich. It just displays a few precious stones on the home screen.


    Most Expensive App

    Costing Rs. 10,000, this app is just to show off to people that you have a surplus amount of cash to download such apps and have fun. It doesn't give you any useful feature or functionality. It just shows a message on the screen that you are a millionaire.


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