List of QR code reader apps

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List of QR code reader apps


You might have come across QR codes and might also know the unique benefits of using them but you wouldn't have got the right app to make use of your mobile phone to read the QR codes. Here is a list of QR code readers for the various mobile phone platforms.

QR Code Reader Apps for iPhone

  • NeoReader (Free): This is a best one for iPhone and it does Aztec bar codes, Data Matrix and QR code.

  • Optiscan ($1.99): This app is said to be the fastest one to compliment this comment it is pretty quick in operation. The unique feature of this app is that it can save the QR code in order to pull it whenever required in future thereby eliminating the necessity to rescan every time.

  • Barcode (Free): This app scans Data Matrix and QR code and the main drawback with this one is that you will have to select the code type every time as it lacks the auto detecting feature.

  • QuickMark ($0.99): This app was rated as the best one and it is recommended for iPhone.

  • ScanLife (Free): It can read UPC codes, Data Matrix, QR code and EZ code. It is available for different mobile platforms.

QR Code Reader Apps for Android

  • Barcode Scanner (Free): This can effectively scan the UPC codes, Data Matrix and QR codes.

  • ShopSavvy (Free): This app scans the QR and UPC codes and finds out the best prices nearby but it is little slow when compared to rest.

  • ScanLife (Free): This reads the UPC codes, Data Matrix, QR codes and the EZ codes. This is available in other mobile platforms also.

  • QuickMark (free): This app is similar to the iPhone app and it can read Data Matrix, UPC and QR codes.

  • QR Pal (Free): This app will save all the codes and sort them as per the type. It has a great interface that is quite easy to use.

QR Code Reader Apps for Blackberry

  • ScanLife (Free): This app, as mentioned above can read all the codes.

  • BeeTagg (Free): This app can read the BeeTagg codes, Data Matrix and QR codes. S

  • QR Code Scanner Pro (Free): An app that includes all the readers in a single package.

QR Code Reader Apps for Windows Phone 7

  • PhraseMeme Scanner ($1.99): This is a multiple format scanner to read the barcodes several types.

  • QR Reader (Free): It supports QR codes but there some issues in obtaining accurate results.

  • Stripes ($0.99): This app supports UPC codes as well as QR codes.

  • BeeTagg (Free): This app is common to both Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 devices and it supports Text, SMS, Phone, Geo, vEvent, meCard and vCard formats.

  • NeoReader (Free): This is a best reader for Windows Phone 7 and iPhone and it supportsUPC, EAN, Code 128, Aztec Codes, QR codes and Data Matrix.

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