Google Photos Free Storage Ends June 1; Google One Service At Rescue


Google Photos is a popular app for backing up your photos and videos. However, Google has brought in a deadline for the free, unlimited storage, which starts on June 1. This means the free storage on Google Photos will no longer be available, forcing users to choose other options. One such option is the Google One subscription, which comes at a price.

Google Photos Free Storage Ends June 1; Google One Service At Rescue

Google Photos Free Storage Comes To An End

Last year, Google announced it would stop supporting free photos and video backup. All high-quality images and videos uploaded on Googe Photos would be considered part of the 15GB free storage provided with a Google account. Google also said that photos or videos uploaded before June 1 on Google Photos will not be affected after the deadline.

In other words, all your data from your Google account, including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Photos will be part of the free 15GB storage provided with an account. Once you reach this limit, Google will notify you about the lack of space. You can always go back to clear some content or look for other ways to store your photos and videos.

Google Photos Free Storage Ends June 1; Google One Service At Rescue

In this scenario, one might start looking for backup options for photos and videos. While physical hard drives are one option, cloud storage is always a handy option. That said, there are no unlimited storage options for free available as they usually come with a price. You have options like DropBox or the Apple iCloud, but they provide only limited storage and additional storage would require you to shell out some cash.

Google Photos Backup With Google One Subscription

Similarly, one can check out Google One subscription. Again, this is a paid subscription that comes for a price and offers to safe-keep your photos and other data. The Google One service is quite similar to Apple One but comes with a couple of additional features, including the option of getting Google VPN in select regions.

Google Photos Free Storage Ends June 1; Google One Service At Rescue

The idea of the Google One subscription service is that you can continue using the Photos or Drive app without worrying about the storage limit. Signing up for Google One provides you more space and storage for all - Gmail, Drive, and Photos. Plus, you have the option of adding family members and sharing photos and videos easily.

Google One Subscription Plans In India

If you're looking for Google One subscription in India, there are several plans and storage options available. Do note, the Google One service varies from region to region, and also from iPhone to Android devices. You can download the Google One app from both Google Play and the App Store to get a list of subscription plans.

Google Photos Free Storage Ends June 1; Google One Service At Rescue

Here's a list of Google One services available in India

Google One 100GB plan: Rs. 130 per month or Rs. 1,300 annually.
Google One 200GB plan: Rs. 210 per month or Rs. 2,100 annually.
Google One 2TB plan: Rs. 659 pr Rs. 6,500 annually.

Google One Plans For iPhone Users

Google One 100GB plan on iOS: Rs. 149 per month or Rs. 1,499 annually.
Google One 200GB plan for iOS: Rs. 219 per month or Rs. 2,199 annually.
Google One 1TB plan for iOS: Rs. 749 per month or Rs. 7,500 annually.
Google One 10TB plan for iOS: Rs. 3,249 per month.
Google One 20TB plan for iOS: Rs. 6,500 per month.
Google One 30TB plan for iOS: Rs. 9,700 per month.

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