TikTok's 4.4 Star Rating Restored On Google Play Store: 8 Million Reviews Removed


TikTok has more than 120 million users just in India and most of these users have an Android phone. TikTok's rating was down to 1.2 stars after users started to rate the app low due to a feud between a YouTuber and a TikToker.

TikTok's 4.4 Star Rating Restored On Google Play Store

In just a matter of hours, TikTok's rating was down from 4.4 stars to 1.2 stars and Play Store has been cleaning up the mess for the last few days to restore the original rating of the app. Considering the change in the review numbers, Google has deleted more than 8 million posts, which probably gave a 1-star rating to TikTok.

Google has been steadily deleting fake reviews on the PlayStore and just a few days before the rating was up from 1.2 stars to 1.6 stars with the removal of 1 million reviews in just a matter of days after the fiasco.

As of now, it is still unclear how Google managed to delete these reviews. The company must have developed/used an algorithm to find and dis-engage comments from the newly created accounts to restore TikTok's glory.

Why Ratings Matter?

Though every TikTok user might not care about the app's rating on platforms like Play Store, it is one of the important parameters for those who might go to Play Store for the first time to install TikTok. A well-rated app will speak about how user-friendly the app is and a bad rated app speaks otherwise.

TikTok is also gaining a lot of attention outside India and having a four-plus stars rating will definitely help the app to get more users on board, especially when an app is used by millions of users.

There is still an outrage on Google deleting TikTok's review and many users are openly claiming to create multiple accounts just to give a bad rating to TikTok. Even if it happens, the effect will nowhere be near as the first time, where there was an exponential downfall of rating from 4.4 stars to 1.2 stars.

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