WhatsApp Not Happy With Apple's Latest App Store Policy; Here's Why


Apple recently updated the App Store policy. It looks like WhatsApp is not liking what Apple has done. According to the updated App Store policy, an app publisher on the App Store should include information about the personal data collected under the label -- privacy nutrition.

WhatsApp Not Happy With Apple's Latest App Store Policy; Here's Why

According to reports, an app has to display the information on the data that it collects. According to a WhatsApp spokesperson, Apple is not consistent about this policy across first-party (apps that Apple makes) and third-party apps.

The spokesperson further states that though the latest policy is good for users, allowing them to get information on the amount of data is being collected. Lastly, he also suggests the compared privacy nutrition information of iMessage and any third-party app.

It looks like WhatsApp does not have any issue in complying with the latest privacy nutrition policy. However, it is just suggesting that Apple might not treat a first-party and a third-party app in a similar way when it comes to this policy. So, WhatsApp will have a privacy level while iMessage will not.

Privacy Labels Are Great For Users

Apple introduced Privacy Labels with the iOS 14 update. This is a great feature when it comes to user privacy, which allows users to track the amount of data an app or a game collects. So, depending on the behaviors, one can either continue to use the app or remove the same if they feel unsafe.

Apple has informed app developers to submit privacy information in the next few days. As of now, there is no information on when that information will be available for the users. The company is likely to push a software update for the iPhones in the next few weeks, which might include privacy nutrition information of the third-party apps. So, every iPhone running on iOS 14 should support the same.



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