A new kids' Tablet PC with Solar charging unveiled

Posted By: Rahul

A new kids' Tablet PC with Solar charging unveiled

Finally, there is a solution for the computing needs of children and the idea is from the One Laptop per Child foundation. One Laptop per Child (OLPC) foundation is known to have been putting in a lot of effort for many years to come up with the perfect device that can satisfy computing needs of kids, at a very affordable price.

As per the reports, OLPC has come up with a new model computer, which is said to be better than OLPC’s previous models. The new model is called OLPC XO 3.0. It can be referred to as a tablet, as it resembles a tablet with an 8 inch display.

Key Features:

  • PixelQi TFT Display having a resolution of 1024X768 pixles and measuring 8 inches.
  • 512 MB internal memory
  • USB, Micro USB support offered along with standard headphone and microphone jack
  • Incorporation of Amada PXA618 chipset
  • Android Sugar Mobile Operating System
  • Educational and Fun Apps incorporated
  • Solar Charging, AC adapter or hand crank
  • Affordably Priced

The specifications in haven’t been disclosed completely yet. But from what we could gather, it is pretty interesting. First and foremost the feature which has to be mentioned is the durability of the tablet. OLPC XO 3.0 has a very tough build which also makes it look quite muscular. But OLPC XO 3.0 not being slim doesn’t mean that it isn’t sleek in design.

The tablet is quite smooth, and the rubberized back and cover of the laptop adds to the smoothness. These rubberized cover and back are also waterproof. The XO 3.0 is designed for kids, and so you shouldn’t expect it to be a powerful machine. The tablet may sport either OLPC’s Sugar Mobile operating system or Android operating system. There will be a lot of entertaining and educational apps pre installed in the tablet for kids. The 8 inch display offers 1024 x 768 pixels resolution. If you think, desktop PCs are better, and then keep in mind that OLPC XO 3.0 is very much portable

Besides, it can be easily charged as well, either by plugging to an AC adapter or using the hand crank to charge it manually. The rubberized lid also has another alternative – a lid with 4 Watt solar panel and a battery, which means the sun can charge the device. This is one of the brilliant features of the gadget. The best thing about OLPC is the affordability of its products. The OLPC XO 3.0 Tablet for kids is priced around Rs 5,500/- in India.

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