What Is USB Data Blocker And Why Do You Need One?

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There are times when your smartphone runs out of battery and requires a little boost to reach home. One of the popular ways to recharge your device's batteries is through the USB power plugs that are commonly found at airports, hotels, and many public places. Even though they are easy and quick ways for charging your smartphones, they are not secure. That is the reason you need a USB Data Blocker to safeguard your data from hackers who can steal your information using the USB power plugs.

What Is USB Data Blocker And Why Do You Need One?

USB Data Blocker: An Overview

The USB Data Blocker also called as 'USB condom', is a device that allows you to charge safely from any USB charging port without any risk of data transfer from your smartphone. You need to simply plug the USB socket at one end, and the other into the charging cable. The main advantage of using a USB Data Blocker is that it prevents hackers to access your data.

It also removes malware from infecting your device. When you connect your mobile to a USB charging port, it is tough to tell how secure your device is. Even if you use a VPN to browse, the hackers can access your data from your smartphone when you connect to a public USB power charging station.

USB Data Blocker: How It Functions?

A USB Data Blocker protects your data when you use the USB charging ports that are not secure. The hackers equip with the charging ports to get access to your data without your consent and knowledge. The main purpose of using a USB data blocker is that it blocks the data pins so that there will be no data flow. The best and safe method for charging your devices is using a direct AC power outlet, power bank (portable charger) or charge in your vehicle. When these options are not available for charging, it is best to carry a USB Data Blocker with you.

The most popular USB data blocker is the PortaPow. This is a Type -C to Type -A device that protects your data from your device whenever you use an unknown computer or public charging port. PortaPow has a built-in clip that detects the device to which you are connected. USB data blockers are not expensive, so you can afford to buy one for yourself and use it in public places like airports, hotels, etc.

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