HP launching new Opal 7 inch tablet

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HP launching new Opal 7 inch tablet

HP TouchPad was able to achieve quite a very good sales figure. With this success the company has decided to launch a more compact and small version of this tablet. This younger smaller brother of HP TouchPad is termed as HP Oval. The company has started the work on this new tablet way back. But lots of hurdles came in their way.

Features and specifications of HP Opal:

  • Web based operating system

  • 7 inch screen

  • 1024 x 768 pixel screen resolution

  • Dual core QualcommAPQ8060 processor

  • Clocked at 1.5 GHz

  • 5 mega pixel rear camera

  • 3G radio

The tablet shares most of its design concepts with its bigger brother. In a glance it looks like a scaled down version of HP Touch Pad. This tablet is very small that when pitched against the 10 inch one the latter seems enormous. The back panel has a matte black color finish with the HP logo in the center. The sides sport a different design. The speakers are no longer placed in the sides and instead are placed at the back.

The front portion of the tablet is dominated by the 7 inch screen. This tablet has 4:3 screen ratio and packs in 1024 x 768 pixel screen. This is the same pixel dimensions in the larger tablet but since it is packed into a much more cramped space the effective number of pixels per inch increases very much. Actually this much pixel density is much more than any of the tablets available out there in the market. This results in a display where the pixels seem to somewhat disappear if you hold it at a considerable distance from the eyes. The color reproduction of the screen is also very accurate and rich.

This tablet is technically very elite. This is a very good multi tasking machine and can work with multiple processor demanding applications without much of a problem. This tablet can run any application that is meant for the original 10 inch tablet because of its similar internals and pixel dimensions. The tablet features Beats audio so there is no question in the quality of sound. The inbuilt speakers are pretty much enough to flood a whole room or office with music.

Since the company gave up on its web OS powered devices around September, it has been clear that HP Opal 7 inch tablet would never be launched. However with new rumor spreading, the tablet seems to be on its way.

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