HP Plans For Touch Screen Desktops

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HP Plans For Touch Screen Desktops
Hewlett Packard plans to introduce touchscreen desktops. It was early reported that the company plans to bring out eight new personal computers within few months. It was reported that the company will be manufacturing along with them what is said to be the touch screen models. The largest manufacturers of personal computers, storage solutions and work stations are one of the most trusted names in the world. The company has its majority market shares all across the world and in almost all major markets. The company is reportedly working on to introduce three TouchSmart models.

The price in India will range from Rs 28,000 to Rs 42,000, thus aiming all kinds of customers. Touch Smart Elite computer for low scale business purposes will be featured at a price in India of just Rs 40,000. The system will be available by September 21. This was revealed by Hewlett Packard from Palo Alto, based in California. With the new touch screen desktops, the user will be able to interact with the gadget by touching the screens. No additional input devices will be necessary once it's installed.

The company early this year announced a complete make over for the Personal systems group, which managed to collect sales of over $40 billion the previous financial year. Hewlett Packard had tried to enhance their growth in the software area then. This would eventually take a year or two to finish.

Hewlett Packard will continue to strengthen its partnership with web operating systems and also plans to renew or fix new licensed deals obtained from companies like Palm Inc. They are already busy testing their Touchpad tablet computers that use the very WebOS. The product was stopped from being manufactured, when it actually started having some high demands in the global market. It was a version with 16 gigabytes cells and was tagged with a price of $99 which is around Rs 4591 price in India.

Along with the new Touch Smart edition, Hewlett Packard will also introduce two personal computers and business oriented editions. These won't have touch screens but will have an all in one design where the screen and the electronics will all be confined to a single unit. The company will also announce the launch of a notebook very soon. The spokesman for the company revealed this and explained the future strategy and the up coming releases by it. The shares of the company have already had a 43 percent fall this year.

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