ARMARI Magnetar X64T With AMD Ryzen 3990X; World's Most Powerful PC


Gone are the days, where AMD CPUs used to underperform Intel counterparts. With the Zen and the Zen 2 architecture, the company has been making some of the best processors at almost every price tag. And now, a professional workstation from ARMARI based on an AMD CPU has been crowned as the world's most powerful PC.

ARMARI Magnetar X64T With AMD Ryzen 3990X; World's Most Powerful PC

ARMARI, a UK-based PC system integrator launched a high-performance professional workstation called the ARMARI Magnetar X64T based on the AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X processor. The system comes with a custom design with an FWL processor cooling solution, which enables the CPU to run at 4.1GHz on all 64 cores.

The combination of the processor and the custom cooling system makes the Magnetar X64T makes it the most powerful PC in the world. According to the company, this was possible due to their custom cooling solution, which offers more than double the cooling capacity even when compared to the best AIO available in the market.

According to ARMARI, the Magnetar X64T is the highest scoring PC on Specworkstation v3.0.4 benchmark, a professional workstation benchmark tool by (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) that evaluates various aspects of a PC like a processor, graphics, I/O, and memory bandwidth.

It Doesn't Come Cheap

Do note that, a fully loaded MAGNETAR X64T would cost around 10,000 UK pounds and it offers features like 256GB RAM, 4TB SSD based storage, Radeon Pro W5700 GPU, and the Platinum 1600W/2000W Modular PSU, which makes it a beast of a machine.

For most users, even for professional content creators, a PC of this class would be an overkill. However, PCs like this work well in design studios and data centers, where it can process a lot of data at the same time without any performance bottleneck.

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