Update on Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet launch

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Update on Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet launch


The tech world got the wind of two new Amazon Kindle Fire models last week. The two new models will have different screen sizes. One will be a 7 inch model where as the other a 9 inch model. There was no confirmation on the release dates of this devices and the speculation was that it would be launched around the mid of 2012. But the latest information is that these tablets may start shipping in May and could hit the stores sooner than expected.

The new Kindle Fire tablet might be called as Amazon Kindle Fire 2. The new 7 inch model would replace the older Kindle Fire model and the 9 inch version will be a bigger option with new and improved specs and features. There is not much information on the hardware or software specifications of the device though. The existing tablet itself has some very good and impressive spec list, so even a slight modification to it itself would result in a very desirable device.

According to some sources the manufacturing process of the new device will also under go some improvements. They won’t be manufactured by Quanta alone but also will be assembled in Foxconn factories. This would result in a reduced price of the device. Amazon will also have better control over the all components are added to the Kindle Fire 2 tablet instead of original equipment manufacturers making the decision. Currently Amazon is selling their tablets at a reduced price and they are incurring some loss because of it. The hope is that they could make up for it by selling more digital contents.

The successor is expected to cause quite a stir up in the tablet market and may achieve a good sales figure like its predecessor. If that is the case then Amazon will be able to negotiate better price for the components and thereby bring down the manufacturing and retailing costs further down. If that can be done then these tablets with its good features would cause serious threat to other tablets in the market.

The manufacturers are expected to get the required components sometime in March. So the process would start immediately after that. If there are not much hurdles to overcome this tablet would see the light of the day in the expected releasing period itself. There is no official word on any of this information yet.



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