Windows 8 the biggest threat to iPad 3

Posted By: Rahul

Windows 8 the biggest threat to iPad 3
The Apple i Pad is undoubtedly the undisputed champion in the computing sector, but experts fear that  this popularity is expected to be short-lived as Microsoft's Windows 8 is slowly catching the people's fancy. Microsoft let users to test it's Windows 8 at the just concluded Mobile World Congress, Barcelona.

Experts believe that Windows 8 has got all it takes to be the number 1 operating system. With the advent of Windows 8 tablet computers, Microsoft is expected to take the world by storm & thereby pose a serious challenge for Apple & the i Pad in particular. The features in the Windows 8 are supposedly going to make people fall in love with the operating system. This could reduce the i Pad 3's popularity to a great extent.

Industry insiders predict that the Windows 8 tablets are going to find a lot of takers in the form of business users & people who use their computers extensively for office work apart from everyday home users. The cloud computing feature of Windows 8 is reportedly the turning point. With Apple yet to catch up with cloud computing, Microsoft gaining a few places is apparent.

Thus, we can say that Microsoft is steadily gaining on lost ground even before the official launch of Windows8. But will it sustain this momentum after the launch?. Only time will tell.

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