Baidu Eye Not an April Fools' Joke: Google Glass Rival is Definitely Coming Soon

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News about Chinese search giant, Baidu, coming up with a new Google Glass like device, came to surface this April 1st. Was this a April fool's joke or is there an element of truth to it? Apparently the company has confirmed that it is indeed working on a wearable technology, which is code-named as Baidu Eye'.

Baidu Eye Not an April Fools' Joke: Google Glass Rival Coming Soon

Reports about the new device came in a flurry, as the Chinese media were all over the topic. Kaiser Kuo, Baidu Director of International Communications, said they are infact working on the technology, but expresses his doubt in whether the device will be made available for the public.

Kaiser Kuo tells TechCrunch "There is an internal project we are working on, a small internal test," "But we're not even certain it will ever be brought to market." He adds.

Baidu Eye like the Google Glass, is a ocular wearable interface which makes use of sound and visual inputs to perform various functions. Testing of a prototype is already said to be in progress. The search and information handling of the device is said to be slightly different form Google glass. Non the less, Baidu Eye is definitely the Chinese company's efforts to give an answer to Google's wearable technology.

As per the company, works on the gadget, has been going on for several years. It is said to pack a tiny LCDs, voice control, image recognition, bone conduction technology - which enables sound to resonate in the ear rather then the skull. The device is also said to dual, as a standard pair of eyeglasses. There have been rumors saying the company has approached Qualcomm to develop on the technology. Anyways, the company has dismissed them.

Meanwhile Google Glass is expected to release this year and is expected to be priced under $1,500 (Rs. 81,915 Approximately).

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