Let's Take a Look at the Most Useful Gadgets to Buy Under Rs. 500

Gadgets under Rs. 500.

    Human mentality works in a way that the best products are often extremely pricey, and the low-priced ones lack quality. The same thing applies to the world of gadgets as people often presume that all high-priced gadgets are the best ones in the lot, which is a myth, and we at GizBot are here to prove this today.

    Let's Take a Look at the Most Useful Gadgets to Buy Under Rs. 500

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    Gadgets come in variant types, sizes, and price tags. It is not the only the high-priced devices can fulfill our everyday requirements as there exist many affordably priced gadgets that are equally integral to complete the day-to-day activities and surely give a tough competition to the expensive ones. Hence, it can't be denied that all expensive products are worth the cost and all the low-budget stuff come with a poor quality tag.

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    We at GizBot have enlisted a wide range of low-priced gadgets available under Rs. 500, which are extremely useful for performing everyday activities and you surely can't disagree that. From HDMI connectors to camera flash lights, let's take a quick sneak peak at gadget below Rs. 500 that play a more crucial role than the high-end expensive gadgets.


    In the visually advanced space, having an HDMI adapter (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) is important. HDMI helps in file transfer, be it audio or video, uncompressed video data or compressed digital audio data from an HDMI-compliant source device like a display controller to a compatible computer monitor, video projector, digital television, or digital audio device easily and quickly. These HDMI connectors are often expensive, however, there are a few exceptions, and MX HDMI is one of them.

    MX HDMI male to male adapter sports 1080p Full HD 2767 HDMI Connector and is available under Rs. 450 across various e-commerce stores. This tiny device is durable and is designed with plastic and brass, which makes it a light device and is easy to carry and use. In terms of color variants, MX HDMI is usually available in black color.

    Technotech Compact 7 Port Hub

    USB Hub is one of the most integral devices every tech geek should have. Technotech Compact 7 Port Hub is one of the most affordable and durable USB hubs one can ever have. The device is available with a price tag of Rs. 340, comes with a stylish compact design and is pretty light weight, making it easy for the users to carry it everywhere.

    Technotech Compact 7 Port Hub features seven ports for enhanced convenience and more organized space and comes only in black color. The device helps users to extend USB capabilities to a desktop for enhanced interface data transfer and is fully compliant with USB specification version 2.0 hot plug and play. Designed with a rich quality plastic, makes the USB hub pretty durable.

    98Gadgets VR Box

    Virtual Reality is the next big thing in the technology arena. Several VR headsets have already hit the market, and are available at variable price tags. The most affordable of the lot is 98Gadgets VR Box, wherein the 3D glasses is made of ABS and spherical resin lens material. The device supports 3D capability along with video and VR game and is compatible with several devices including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, Google Nexus 4/5/6, HTC One, Xiaomi Mi3 and more.

    98Gadgets VR Box features large FOV, which lets the users get a viewing angle of between 95 and 100 degrees, larger than many other VR glasses, and also offers a 1000-inch big screen, super 3D picture effect which makes users feel visually fatigue and dizzy.

    Techvik v3.0 Car Bluetooth Device

    Techvik v3.0 Car Bluetooth Device is a car Bluetooth converter with a built-in microphone and audio recorder. As far as connectivity is concerned, the device comes packed with AUX Cable and lets the users have music streaming support and call receiving capability. Designed with a v3.0 version, the Bluetooth converter is available in tricolor, and packs with 1 x Bluetooth Audio Music Receiver with Mic at a price tag of Rs. 374.

    Outre Airplane External Virtual 7.1 Channel USB 3D Sound Card

    The Outre Airplane External 3D Sound Card sports dual headphone and microphone interfaces, two little LED lights to display working stations, and microphone recording function. The device allows the users to switch speaker and headphone mode simultaneously when need be. The device works as an internal expansion card that provides input and output of audio signals to and from a computer under the control of computer programs. The sound card comes with a sound mixing and karaoke function available at Rs. 359 only.

    Gadget Bucket Portable New Bluetooth Speaker

    This portable new Bluetooth speaker subwoofer showers waterproof wireless handsfree that comes in multicolor and is available at Rs. 359. The portable mobile or tablet speaker sports 4 Ohms Impedance, and provides a frequency response of 20-100 Subwoofer Shower Waterproof. Bluetooth Speaker also comes packed with a durable battery, which provides a power output of 3w.

    Joyroom 4 LED Selfie Light Flash LED Light

    Pocket Spotlight is a continuous light source that users can use when clicking pictures in low-light condition and Joyroom 4 LED Selfie Light serves right. Available at Rs. 449, this device comes packed with 1 Flash LED Light, 1 Charger and helps the photography enthusiasts to capture better pictures.

    Zarsa Bulb USB

    Zarsa Bulb USB is a high power LED that comes with a USB Connector, which can be connected to desktops and helps in file transfer along with being the perfect companion while camping, hiking, hunting, and other adventurous sports.

    HashTag Glam 4 Gadgets Shock Proof Case for Hard Drives

    HashTag Glam 4 Gadgets Shock Proof Case acts as a shockproof case for 2.5 inch Seagate and Transcend hard drives. This plastic built 1 HDD shock-proof case is available under the model number HT HDD EMB BK 2268 at a price tag of Rs. 299 and secures your hard drives.

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