These are 5 Best Tiny Gadgets that Money can Buy!

    Quantum mechanics is the science that involves really tiny technological equipment. Regarded as the future of technology, quantum tech is the way to go. But, let's move to slightly larger tech products. You might have noticed your favorite gadgets are getting tinier by the day.

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    Whether be it drones, 3D printers or cameras, every consumer tech product is getting smaller by the day because people love compact gadgets. Here is a list of the best ideas that now come in small packages. These are the best tiny tech gadgets.

    Samsung Gear 360

    These are 5 Best Tiny Gadgets that Money can Buy!

    Recently launched by Samsung, along with the Galaxy S7 smartphone range, the Gear 360 is the company's first 360-degree camera. If you aim at gaining some social media brownie points, here is your best bet at a camera that takes such super cool videos, your audience will be amazed.

    The Gear 360 uses two lenses (one on the front and one on the rear) to capture the full scene around you with low light capabilities due to the f/2.0 aperture. And once you've completed a shot, it takes just a tiny bit of space in your bag. For convenient editing on the go, you'll have to connect it with an S7 smartphone though.

    Thino Battery Charger

    These are 5 Best Tiny Gadgets that Money can Buy!

    When you are on the go, the smartphone usage doesn't stop. 4G network is switched on, you are refreshing your Facebook feed, Snapchatting your journey and tweeting out stuff to the world. And then, boom. You realize these apps just ate away your battery like a Sunday brunch.

    The Thino Battery Charger is your best bet for these situations. With a really sleek form factor, Thino charges your phone at its fastest speed and gives it the much-needed boost till you reach the nearest power plug.

    Olo 3D

    These are 5 Best Tiny Gadgets that Money can Buy!

    3D printers are the latest hype in the tech world and gosh, are they magical?! Everybody wants to get their hands on one and print their dream gadgets. The Tesla of the 3D printing world, Olo3D is one such brand that strives to make this dream true.

    The portable device that weighs in at just 500 grams, priced at $99, is a successful Kickstarter campaign and is powered by just 4AA batteries. It uses the white light from your phone screen to harden plastic-like resins into the 3D shape you desire - a ring, a keychain, a scale model of yourself as a unicorn, Drake style. Ah, the possibilities are endless.

    Misfit Shine 2

    These are 5 Best Tiny Gadgets that Money can Buy!

    Gadgets are shrinking but there are still some fitness trackers that need to carry the bulk of an extra calculator and processor system. Misfit Shine 2 definitely is not one of them. With a sleek, no-frills capacitive device linked to a lightweight band, the Misfit Shine 2 links up to the smartphone app and tracks everything from steps to sleep cycles, notifying you through the 12 LEDs mounted on the dial. The dial is waterproof and weighs in at just 30.5 mm.

    Slughaus Bullet

    These are 5 Best Tiny Gadgets that Money can Buy!

    Apart from the time you are wearing baggy shorts or cargo pants, pocket space in your jeans comes at a premium. With your bulky smartphones and wallets, there isn't much space for any other gadget in there.

    But, what if, you needed a powerful flashlight just at the time you weren't carrying one? Don't worry; the Slughaus Bullet has got you covered. Coming in at a length of just 30mm, it is the smallest flashlight ever made and you can easily lug it on your belt loop. 15 lumens of light are all you need to brighten up your day, or night.

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