Top 5 Google Branded Devices To Arrive Later This Year

    In the past few years Google not only eclipsed Microsoft in terms of popularity but it even crushed Apple, if we consider Google Glass as an innovative product. On a regular basis, we generally see these tech giant fighting for patents or running after lucrative deals.

    Mountain View, California, based Google, is on high these days. Its Android mobile OS is doing very well in comparison to iOS and Windows Phone 8. There are close to 900 million Android powered devices functional at the moment.

    Android now commands 75 % of smartphone market share worldwide. Due to open policies laid out by Google, more and more tech vendors are using Android to power up their products. Google's Android OS is not restricted to just smartphones or tablets. In the coming month we will see Refrigerators, TVs and Gaming consoles running on Android OS.

    Top 5 Google Branded Devices To Arrive Later This Year


    Google is now more than a software company. Its presence can be felt in devices such as Nexus 4, which is jointly made by LG and Google. We recently see Google designing and manufacturing its own hardware in the form of Chrome Pixel, a high-end laptop computer running Chrome OS. Well, Chrome is yet another OS by Google. Though, it is not as refined as Android, but now Google has started making Chrome OS more sensible. Last year, Google gave a shot at Nexus Q: a media -streaming device. However, due to poor feedback it was scraped and never ever went for sale.

    Now a new report by Wall Street Journal says that the software giant is working on new devices are currently in a designing phase. After the failure of Nexus Q, Google is again at work. The sequel is on the cards. While the buzz is also around Google branded smartwatch. Recently, Japanese giant Sony announced SmartWatch at Mobile Asia Expo. Other key players such as Apple and Samsung are already working on wearable computing technologies. The makers behind Google Search are also making a gaming console.

    Today, GizBot will look at top five Google branded devices that are expected to arrive later this year. Have a look! Don't forget to give feedback on Facebook and Twitter.

    Google Gaming Console : A Threat To Ouya ?

    According to Wall Street Journal, Google is working on an Android powered gaming console. Currently, there are three main console makers in the world: Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. Both Sony and Microsoft recently unveiled their next-gen consoles. It is seen that games are the most downloadable thing on Play Store. There are other companies working on Android powered consoles. For instance, Ouya managed to bring $99 android gaming console to rival PS4 and Xbox One. There is no information when Google plans to release in the market. We expect Christmas is the best time to see Google branded Android gaming console.

    Google Smartwatch

    An intelligent smartwatch is touted to be the next iPod. From Apple to Samsung to LG everyone these days are working on wearable computing devices. Google is also working on a smartwatch, according to a new report. The watch will be connected to a smartwatch by Bluetooth. As of now only this is known about the device. We are sure Google can make a better product than Samsung , for sure.

    Google also filed a patent in regards to smartwatch is surely on a radar.

    "A wearable mobile computing device/appliance (a wrist watch) with a high resolution display that is capable of wirelessly accessing information from a network and a variety of other devices. The mobile computing device/appliance includes a user interface that is used to efficiently interact with alarms and notifications on the watch."

    Google Nexus Q Next-Gen

    Google is working on a sequel to disastrous Nexus Q. The original version was panned for its priced. Now the team is working on a cheaper version that will take advantage of Google's new music streaming service. The other major player Apple recently succeeded in making Apple TV a success. Google Play store will play a key in making next gen Nexus Q visible in the market for long.

    Google Glass 2

    The Google Glass Part 2 is set to be even more interesting than the current gen hardware. It will have dual -eye display. Google has filed for a patent as well back in 2011. The newer Glass 2 will have binocular display. The original Glass is currently accessible to developers only. Google has planned to consumer edition later this year.

    Google Phone

    Since ages Google is working on a phone. No, we are not talking about Moto X Phone. Neither had we mentioned about another Nexus 5 device. The device is still under making with no word on its release date or pricing. Google is slowly and gradually becoming a hardware company. Google's Chrome Pixel notebook is a direct competitor to MacBook Pro. The gorgeous machine shows hardware capability of Google. We will soon update you about Google Phone.

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