Minecraft Creator Ace Details New 0x10c game, Releases Footage

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Minecraft Creator Ace Details New 0x10c game, Releases Footage

There have been reports on the hugely popular game Minecraft game creator, Markus Notch Persson working on developing a new game. This has been confirmed as the creator has released footage of the upcoming release, 0x10C (to be read as 10 to the C).

The new footage released reveals details of game like lightning, physics and graphics. Though the game was first heard in April, not many details were known about the same. Footage shows that creator and his team have progressed much and it is nearing completion.

As per the creator the new space exploration game is inspired by popular TV show Firefly and the video game Elite. Through this game the users will be able to explore other ships, planets and other space ships. You may find some elements similar to Minecraft game with actions like trading, looting and mining in display.

Talking about some of the highlights of this new game, the creator mentioned that it will feature some new twists and never seen features in other games. He quoted the instance of a space ship breaking down on touching a new planet as an example of these surprising twists given in the game. Usually a ship explodes in such a scenario.

However, it looks like the gaming fans will still need to wait for some more time to have hands on with this game. As per the official sources, the game is still in the early stages of development.

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