Playstation 4: Sony to Launch the Successor of PS3 Before E3 2013

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Sony is expected to make an announcement on its new PlayStation 4 during May to Junethis year. The company is aiming to create the successor of PS3 to challenge Microsoft Xbox. Sony has been silent about its plans till now but Hiroshi Sakamoto, Sony's Vice-President of Home Entertainment reportedly confirmed that it is going to be a milestone in Sony's roadmap. He also said that the PlayStation4 will be released weeks ahead of E3, 2013, according to latest report.

When asked if Sony was planning to reveal new Sony hardware soon, Sakamoto said: "That's still a big secret, but our friends at Sony PlayStation are preparing. I can only say that we are focused on E3. An announcement may be then or even earlier in May."

Playstation 4: Sony to Launch the Successor of PS3 Before E3 2013

When pressed if it would be a "big announcement" or something additional to what is already available to the PlayStation brand, Sakamoto responded: "Probably the first. In that time period we expect to deliver great news, but we must wait until May at the earliest."

E3 is awaiting the grand announcements from two giants Microsoft and Sony, as the companies had plans to replace their Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 respectively. Neither of the firms have until now spilled surprises or any such intentions. However, there are still specifications that are being talked about and it is heard that Sony is hiring Orbis prototype for the PS4. The prototype is designed using specially felted AMD A10 APUs.

The PS4 rumored specs include Blu-ray Player retained from PS3, optical media support and a rumor that it could be upgraded from Full HD support to Ultra HD. Sukamoto also hinted at a feature in NFC, extensively used by Sony for an easier device interaction. NFC chips are used in handsets of Sony like Xperia Z.

Microsoft is also waiting for E3 to disclose is surprise reportedly, Xbox720. The company gave an IllumiRoom Projected Virtual reality demo as a part of Samsung's keynote in CES. This is a clear hint of the plans the software giant has in its mind for its new game console. The gamers can await two big surprises coming their way.

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