Ruzzle Word Game for Windows 8, WP8 Coming Soon

By: Gizbot Bureau

Ruzzle Word Game is one of the more popular games enjoyed by a lot of people all over the world. As of now some versions of the game is made available for iOS and Android platforms. Windows users were eagerly waiting for the release of the version that will be compatible for their devices. They don't need to wait much longer as the new version of Ruzzle Word Game is about to be made available for windows users too.

According to the product manager of Ruzzle Word Game project, the new version of the game that will be compatible for even Windows 8 platform is in the making. The game will be offered for Windows Phone 8 users too. Users can experience this interesting game without much delay as it is slated to be released in a few months.

Ruzzle Word Game for Windows 8, WP8 Coming Soon

There is no word on the exact release date of the game at the moment. Taking into account the words of the product manager, the release date of the game won't go beyond this summer. Reportedly, the windows version of the game will most probably be offered free of cost.

One of the disappointing news revealed with the game release note is that the feature offering Xbox Live support may not be included with this version as expected. Users though need not worry as the future updates of the game will surely include this feature along with several other interesting elements to make the gaming more interesting. If it is offered free just like the iOS and android versions, then users have a lot to be happy about.

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