10 Ways You're Unintentionally Killing Your Gadgets!

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When you buy a new device, you seem to love it so much. But then the novelty wears off soon. After a few months, you barely care for your new device. You may still care for it because you have spent money on it. But sometimes you may not know how to care for it. Here are 10 ways you can avoid to spoil your technology and devices.

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Resting your Laptop on a Bed

You often do this for comfort. It can spoil your device on the long run. A year of resting your device on the bed mattress can do a lot of harm. Resting your Laptop on the Bed can lead to heating which will kill the components of your Laptop and eventually render it useless.

Not using a case to cover your device

So you drop your tablet or Phone into your bag which already has a lot of heavy things. Chances are that you could end up damaging the Phone or device you own. You phone could end up with scratches or have a cracked screen.

Twisting your Cords and Cables

You need to be careful with your Electric cords and Cables. Electric cords and cables can get damaged if you twist them too much. They do have a short life. You may also end up breaking them if you twist them too much.

Over Charging your Devices

You may be over charging your devices as you never want to run out of power. This can be dangerous as as your device may end up getting spoilt. It could also catch Fire. There have been instances where Devices caught fire or got damaged because of overcharging.

Using chemicals to clean your Laptop or other device

Using hard chemicals to clean your gadgets is not really wise thing to do. It will spoil the Plastic outer covering on your device. It is always better to clean your devices with a wet cloth. You can use mild detergent if your Gadgets have become dirty and if you have not cleaned them for a long time.

Not Backing up

Considering that your Hard drive can crash any time or may be your phone could conk off, you need to consider backing up the devices. You can use an external hard drive to back up your data. You can also use a Pen Drive or other devices to Back up the data that you have on these devices.

Improperly ejecting your External storage

If you are connecting your Pen Drive, smartphones or other connectable devices to your Laptop or Desktop, you must be careful to eject your devices carefully. You may have data loss or experience other problems if you do not eject the external storage devices carefully.

Over Using your device

Do you use your Laptop or Desktop for a full day at a Stretch. Do You watch movies whole day or play games whole day. This could put your device in danger as it is being over used. You must give breaks to your Device so that your device can have a long life.

Using too much Force

Do you press the buttons on your device a little too harshly while switching it on? You are using a lot of Force. The buttons on your device could get damaged if you use too much force.This includes Power buttons.

Spilling liquid on your Keyboard

Do you drink Tea, Coffee or Water and then spill it all over your Keyboard ? This could make your keyboards sticky and difficult to type. It will spoil your keyboard in case of a desktop. If you have a laptop, it could be rendered completely useless because of the liquid spill.



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