How to encrypt files on Mac using BestCrypt?

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Quite a few users store confidential stuff in their computers which they don’t want others to see. When you want the contents in your confidential files to be shown only to you and not others, you can encrypt and decrypt them at your will with the decryption key that only you know.

Files can be encrypted for protection from unauthorized accesses. Encrypted files can even be sent as email, but the receiving end of the mail needs to have your decryption key so as to decrypt the file after receiving it. For Mac users, Jetico has come up with an easy alternative for simple encryption of files, with their BestCrypt Container Encryption software which is claimed to be fully compatible with Mac computers.

How to encrypt files on Mac using BestCrypt?

BestCrypt has container files which act as a virtual storage drive, where you can store files and folders, which would then be encrypted automatically. You can operate this virtual drive as you would in any other removable drives. The biggest advantage of BestCrypt is that the transfer and storage is easy with the container files and the software works well in Windows, Linux and Mac Operating systems. You can give the desired size for the containers or make multiple containers.

All you have to do is

  • Install BestCrypt Container Encryption software in Mac

  • Determine the size and number of the containers and create one or more containers

  • Open the container

  • Use it like a removable drive by dragging and dropping the files you want to encrypt, in the container

  • Add additional protective measures to the encrypted files necessarily, with passwords, public keys, and encryption algorithms such as AES, Blowfish, Twofish, CAST and more


You might be wondering why Jetico is claiming that their software would surpass the capabilities of FileVault, which is a Mac-only software. Here are the benefits of BestCrypt when compared with FileVault.

  • More flexibility in data protection and file management

  • Automatic and transparent data protection which can be used and controlled easily

  • Encrypt any type of files including the user home directory files

  • Lot of protective measures including passwords, public keys and a number of strong encryption algorithms such as AES, Twofish, CAST, Blowfish and more

  • Transfer and manipulate date across Windows, Linux and Mac as it offers full compatibility with these OSs

  • Advanced deniable encryption with hidden containers which wouldn’t appear to exist

  • Key management policies by changing encryption keys of containers without harming the contents in any way

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