How to organize folders in Windows machine?

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Users are increasingly trying to keep their computers well organized by implementing proper security features as well as keeping the folders in your computer in a safe and structured way. The fact is that it is very harder than what we actually think especially in moving files from one folder to another as well as merging the contents of two folders.

Let’s take a close look at the tools that are commonly used in order to organize the folders in the Windows machine. The following tools are used in common to organize folders in Windows machine:

  • Folder Merge.

  • Level Zap.

  • Folder Menu.

Folder Merge: Folder Merge is one of the most popular tools that are used for the merging of two files. It comes with the following features:

  • Merging the contents of two folders.

  • Bypass the traditional method of copy/cut.

  • It also lets you bypass the traditional method of paste.

How to organize folders in Windows machine?

The folder merge consists of the following fields namely,

  • Compare On.

  • Folder 1.

  • Folder 2.

  • Folder Combined.

Here you will have to select the two folders the users wish to merge and

  • Press the Merge Button.

  • If the two files have the same name, The Windows pop-up gives the users the choice for an option to rename one of them or else the users can retain any one of them.

Level Zap: Level Zap is also considered to be one of the most popular tools that are used to move up the contents of any particular folder by means of a single click. The procedure is that once the user right clicks any folder that is currently present, users can see an option titled “Move content up and zap” which will enable the moving of the contents of any folder to the current folder that you desire to accommodate the contents of the moving folder.

How to organize folders in Windows machine?

Folder Menu: Folder Menu is also widely recognized as one of the best tools that can be used to switch between the folders easily.

  • Once installed, users can see it activated especially in the system tray.

  • The tool comes with a list of options.

  • Users can also press Windows+W in order to launch the tools with the respective options.

  • It consists of a Recent Option that provides the users with the recently opened items.

  • Upper Half comes with a huge list of default folders.

  • Lower half helps the user in quickly opening the websites as well as in searching and switching to self-defined folders as well as sub-folders.

How to organize folders in Windows machine?

These are the tools that can be used to organize folders in the windows based Computers as well as Laptops.


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