How to prevent spam emails?

Posted By: Rahul

How to prevent spam emails?

We provide you some easy ways through which you can prevent spam. Internet usage leads to a lot of spam, especially while using e-mails. Thus, you can secure your websites from spammers using the latest web technology.

Everyone of us would have received spam e-mails. We are bound to receive these unwanted e-mails since we use an e-mail id & the internet. These e-mails might be disturbing us as they tend to have some unrealistic content. So, eliminating them is the best way out. Keeping this in mind we provide a few easy ways through which you can avoid these spam e-mails completely.

Firstly, there are two major ways of avoiding spam. These are:

  1. Stop the spammers from getting your e-mail id.

  2. If the spammers have already obtained your e-mail id, then use a new id.


The above are the most basic ways of preventing spam. Apart from these, there are various other ways like:

  • Go to, type your e-mail address. If your e-mail is published on any website & is intended for spamming, then Google will highlight your e-mail id in it's search results. If this has been done, get your e-mail id encrypted by an expert. This ensures that your e-mail address is not tracked by spammers if it is on a website.

  • Use a good quality anti-virus software. Also have a good spam filter to delete spam mails.

  • If you are the owner of a particular website or a domain, then you would be bothered by the domain name spam. Don't worry!. Just avoid using generic addresses. Generic addresses are of the form home@, info@ etc. Instead block all specific names in your domain.

  • Use which is a free tool using which you can manage e-mails before downloading them. You can also delete spam remotely.

  • Avoid Carbon Copy of e-mails. Instead use BCC that is Blind Carbon Copy for group e-mails.

  • Never add other peoples' e-mail id's to your mailing list. This will only result in spread of spam.

Thus, follow all the above tips & keep spam e-mails at bay.

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