How to read books on iPad using iBooks application?

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  • Load on the books from the iBooks store after downloading the iBooks application successfully to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

  • By downloading this application, the user can easily get access to the favorite books that being included in the iBook store.


How to read books on iPad using iBooks application?

  • The user of this application can enjoy enormous amount of freedom by reading a free sample on any book that forms a part of the iBooks store before adding them into the collection.

  • One can reorder the books on the shelf and also sort them according to the title, category or author.

  • The books as well as the PDF’s can also be organized into the personal collections. In order to jump between the collections swipe left or right.

  • The user can also adjust the brightness of the screen in order to match the lighting with any environment.

  • The books can be made more comfortable to read by changing the size of the font. The font size can be selected from the six available options.
  • The built in search feature helps the reader to find a word, phrase or a character that has been used in the book.

  • The page navigator at the bottom of the page enables the reader to find a specific page. The new and advanced bookmark syncing feature helps to keep the current page, bookmarks as well as notes wirelessly in sync with the iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.

  • The books can be read on white or sepia colored pages.

  • The inbuilt book marking feature will help the reader to highlight the favorite passages and also to add notes to it.
  • The books can be synced to the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the standard ePub electronic book format to iTunes.

  • The PDF documents from the mail can also be added to the device by syncing it with the iTunes.

  • The notes and the PDF documents in the iBooks can be printed using Airprint.

  • The words that are already written on a page can be converted into sounds by using iBooks with amazing features.



  • iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 or iPod touch is required to install the iBook application.

  • These devices should hold ios 4 or any other recent versions.

  • The iBook store is found in all most every country. The list of books that are available in the iBook store differs with respect to the country.

  • The user should create an Apple ID so as to start downloading from the iBook store.

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