How to select a camera?

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For most of the people around the world, camera has become an integral part of their lives. One of the greatest advantages of camera is that people can capture their favorite moments so that they can remember these moments that they have captured in their camera forever. It also helps in video recording which enhances the users with superior quality video recording. The fact is that there are different types of cameras that come with different features as well as advanced specifications.

Now that digital cameras are on the stores to buy from different brands, let’s take a close look at the different types of camera that is present in the international market.

How to select a camera?

Simple Point and Shoot Camera: These are the camera that comes with an affordable price tag. Some of the common features present in this camera include:

  • Powered by AA batteries.

  • No frills models.

  • 3x optical zoom.

  • 2.5 inches of screen display.

  • Lens specification starting around 28mm.

  • Image stabilization is also present.

  • Examples: Panasonic Lumix FS16, Sony Cyber-shot W520 and Canon Power Shot A1200.

  • Price range: within Rs. 5,000.

Standard Compact Cameras: The features present in this type of camera include:

  • Wide Angle lenses.

  • Works on Rechargeable lithium ion batteries.

  • High Definition video recording.

  • Face and smile detection.

  • Colorful bodies.

  • Longer zoom lenses.

  • Larger LCD screens.

  • Auto-intelligence.

  • Action Photography.

  • Price range: Rs.5, 000 to Rs.13, 000.

How to select a camera?

Enthusiast Compact Cameras: The features present in this type of camera include:

  • High Standard of image quality.

  • Larger-than-usual sensor.

  • High quality optic.

  • Superior Build quality.

  • Capable of producing DSLR-like results.

  • Raw Recording is possible.

  • GPS Recording is available.

  • High Resolution LCD screens.

Super Zoom Bridge Cameras: The features that this camera type comes with include;

  • Combines the flexibility of a wider focal range with that of a small format body.

  • Manual Control is also provided.

  • Bridge Cameras.

  • Image Stabilization System is present.

  • Articulated LCD Screen.

  • Commonly used for outdoor activities as well as for travelling too.

How to select a camera?

Interchangeable Lens Cameras: The features of this camera type are described as follows;

  • Hybrid/Mirror less cameras.

  • Compact-sized sensors are used in order to reduce the size.

  • Electronic View finders are also present.

  • Contrast based method of auto-focus is used generally.

  • Best for Travel Photography.

DSLR Cameras: The features of this camera type are;

  • Offers best image quality.

  • Expensive compared to other camera types.

  • Larger Sensors helps in the production of better image in low-light conditions.

  • APS-C sensors are provided.

  • Flashguns are present in the hotshot.

  • Extra Battery is provided.

  • Easier portrait orientation shooting.

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