12 Amazing Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks to Catch All of Them

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If you have already caught the Pokémon Go fever and you are craving to catch more of them, you might definitely be interested in knowing some useful tips and tricks that will help you catch more of them.

12 Amazing Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks to Catch All of Them

Lately, Pokémon Go is a topic that everyone is talking about from children to adults. Everyone is getting their phone outside to catch the cute Pokémons that are nearby them.

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Though the augmented reality game is not officially available in your country, you can grab hold of it by downloading the APK and enjoy playing it. Once you get the app, there are a lot of tricks that you need to know to catch the creatures around you.

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12 Amazing Pokémon Go Tips and Tricks to Catch All of Them

Wanna catch all the Pokémons, well you need to get to know these tips and tricks that we have detailed below. Take a look!

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Make Pikachu your first Pokémon

When you start the game, you are asked to choose your first Pokémon from Charmander, Bulasaur and Squirtle. If you don't want any of these and walk out of these options, you will be offers Pikachu. This way, you will start the game in style.

Pick Poké Ball again

If you have a bad aim, you will undoubtedly drop a few Poké Balls. You can tap on the ball that is rolling away and recover it.

Try a spin bonus

While you are trying to catch a Pokémon, you need to draw a circle around the Poké Ball in order to get a spin bonus and this will get you an extra XP.

Don't ignore the weak creatures

You might be tempted to capture only the most elite characters. But, remember that the low level Pokémons are also necessary to get the much needed candy from Professor Oak.

Keep an eye on the ring

The color of the ring that is around the Pokémon is important to note as it will indicate the toughness of catching the same. You need to keep in mind that a green ring will point out that it is super easy to catch and a red one points out that is it a huge challenge.

Get rewards

When you are about to throw a Poké Ball, press and hold the same and you will see a colored ring around the specific Pokémon shrinking. If the ring is smallest, you have a higher CP of capturing the same. You are likely to get rewards such as a Great! and Excellent! Catch that will fetch you a XP reward.

Check the icon

At the bottom right corner of the screen, you will see the silhouette of the Pokémon you are looking to capture. The number of footprints under the icon will show how close the same. If it is a single pawprint, it means it is not far at all.

Team effort is important

If you see a Poké Stop with pink flowers around it, another player must have used Lure to attract it. You can take advantage of this. Remember that the Lure effect wil last for 30 minutes, so you should not waste time.

Get lots of rewards

Take your Pokémon to the next form to transfer the low level versions of the creature to Professor Willow. Quickly, you will gather the much needed candy to get the evolution. This will get you lots of XP rewards as well.

Get Razz Berries

Once you reach the high level, you will obtain Razz Berries that are useful in helping you catch the Pokémons easier.

Monitor the Balls

The Master Balls and Ultra Balls are important as you reach higher levels. You can look out for them as they will lower the chances of your dream Pokémon from escaping.

Do smell good

Incense will attract more wild Pokémons towards you for half an hour. If you are sure to have 30 minutes of uninterrupted time, you can spray yourself and let the Pokémons come to you for a charge.

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