Now You Can Hide a WhatsApp Chat with These 5 Steps

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WhatsApp is used by almost everyone and privacy is a major concern for every user. You wouldn't like someone reading your private WhatsApp chats.

Now You Can Hide a WhatsApp Chat with These 5 Steps

To maintain privacy, you might be interested in hiding your WhatsApp chats from the prying eyes. When it comes to WhatsApp chats, you need not always resort to adding a lock to the app. There are better ways to do the same.

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Well, the app doesn't have any specific feature to hide a chat. But, it lets you archive a chat. The WhatsApp Messenger comes with an archival ability that lets you hide the conversation from the chat window without deleting the app.

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Here, you will get to know the steps involved in archiving a WhatsApp conversation. Take a look at it!

Note: However, you need to know that archiving a chat will not hide the chat forever, If you receive a message from the person or group, it will appear on the Chat window as the other conversations.

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Step 1: Choose the chat you wish to hide

The first step in hiding or archiving a WhatsApp chat is to choose the specific chat that you want to hide from the Chat tab on the messenger. This can be done with a long press on the conversation.

Step 2: Archive the conversation

Once you have selected the conversation, you will get three options on the top right corner of the screen. One will take you to the menu, one to mute the conversation and one to archive the same. You need to click on the archive option as shown in the image.

Step 3: Archive all conversations in one step

If you want to archive many conversations, you can do the same in a single step. Head on to the Settings menu of WhatsApp and click on Chat → Chat Settings. Over here, you will an option 'Archive All Chats'.

Step 4: It is possible to unarchive the chat

In the Chat tab of WhatsApp, you need to scroll to the bottom to see if the archived chats. Over there, you need to long press on a conversation that you want to unarchive. Then, tap on the archive option and that's it.

Step 5: Unarchive all the chats

You can unarchive all the chats that you have hidden from the menu by going to the Chat Settings as mentioned in the third step and clicking on the option stating Unarchive chats.

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