How Does Facebook Suggests Friends [5 Things to Know]

    Getting the friends suggestion that appears on your "People you may know" section might be a bit annoying mostly.

    How Does Facebook Suggests Friends [5 Things to Know]

    Do you often wonder how on earth does Facebook suggests friends who may have a few handful of mutual friends or doesn't have any at all?

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    Here's how Facebook's "People you may know" section works and shuffles based on these criteria and more. Take a look!

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    Visiting Similar Locations

    In an instance you and someone has the same taste in visiting a few places, Facebook automatically takes that feed into consideration and will display the person in your "People you may Know" category.

    Visiting the same location increases the probability of knowing each other.

    Also, being involved in (location based) recommending friends like semantics of location, also increases a high chance that you may know each other, and hence some people whom you haven't even met earlier.

    Having the Contact Number

    There are instances that you may have someone's number but he/she is not a part of your Facebook friend list.

    However, Facebook with its statistics creates a sync with your phone book contacts and eventually displays it on Facebook, no matter what.

    Having someones contact details, or someone having your's is also a reason to have their name displayed in the "People you may know" category.

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    Mutual Friends

    Having even one single mutual friend increases the possibility for a profile to appear in your "People you may know" option.

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    Same Education or Work Background

    It has been years you have passed your school and college? Or left your work? However, years absolutely matters to Facebook, the experience and similar background does.

    Two people having studied from the same school but may not know each other, will appear in each other's "People you may know" section. Considering the same school/college/workplace they have been.

    Knowing the e-mail Address

    We often are ready to share our email IDs with people, but stop ourselves from providing them with our contact number or add up of any personal social media accounts.

    This is another reason for how the People you may know section works. If you have someone's email ID or contacted them through email, their profiles will be automatically displayed. The reason being your email ID being synced with your social media account.

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