Apple files patent for a VR device that reduces motion sickness

Apple has something for people who face motion sickness.


Apple has filed a new patent application for a VR system, as published by the US Patent and Trademark Office. First spotted by Patently Apple, the new patent is aimed at smart vehicles such as self-driving cars. Apple approach will relieve users from motion sickness. Not just that, Apple also describes other interesting apps that would convert a normal ride in an autonomous vehicle into a business meeting, a fun-filled adventure or a rock concert.

Apple files patent for a VR device that reduces motion sickness


The application suggests that the system might include a VR headset or a projector that would project the images on the interior of the car. As for the motion sickness, the system will have a sensor that would determine as for when the passenger starts feeling uneasy. These sensors will monitor the sweat, pulse rate swallowing, fidgeting of the passenger, and if the person is feeling ill, the VR experience will help mitigate the response.

The system would also be capable of adjusting movement and acceleration experienced by the rider to match up what's been projected on the VR headset. The company could also use visual anchors that display virtual platform to ease a passenger's discomfort.

The company describes that bringing virtual riders into the car will also allow co-workers to meet virtually for a conference in different virtual environments.

Riders will also be allowed to choose from fun activities such as floating down a river or chasing down zombies and many more. The system could also make use of car's heating and air system to enhance the experience. Also, the car's motion can be a part of the VR adventure.

What's imperative is these are just patents and doesn't mean that it will come to life certainly. But it's definitely a cool concept considering the future of cars and AR/VR. Will the company go ahead with its plan and bring this concept to fruition? Only time will tell.


Apple recently filed patents that will upgrade the Pencil, but now few fresh patents have surfaced that gives us a peek into what Apple is working on. The patents show flexible batteries and creating 3D effects on 2D display, reports DigitalTrends.

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