Become a Pro MacBook User with These 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

    Keyboard shortcuts are the fastest as well as easiest way to navigate all over your MacBook and carry out frequently used functions. Learning these shortcuts could be overwhelming, but you will definitely thank yourself later when you become productive.

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    Become a Pro MacBook User with These 10 Keyboard Shortcuts

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    Well, mastering some crucial Mac keyboard shortcuts will make it easier and more efficient for you to use your computer. It will cut down your dependency on your mouse and trackpad and you can work more quickly.

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    Here, we have complied 10 important MacBook keyboard shortcut tricks that you need to know to use the Apple computer like a pro. The most frequently used keys will be Command (⌘), Control key, and Function key (fn). Take a look from the slider below!

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    Close the active window

    Command-W shortcut will close the front most window or the active window you are using and Option-Command-W will close all the windows in the currently active app or Finder.

    Quit any program

    You can quit any program by closing the windows with the red X button at the top left, but it will not exactly quit the app. To fully exit out of any Mac program in OS X, you need to use the Quit command, Command-Q.

    Open a New Tab

    Whatever be the web browser you are using such as Safari or Chrome or the Finder, the Command-T shortcut will open a new tab in the same. You can hit on the shortcut several times to open multiple tabs.

    Search what you want

    Finding the right document or word in your computer is an exasperating task. You can find anything in Safari, Chrome, Finder or word documents by hitting the keyboard shortcut Command-F. This will open a window with the search terms and you can find what you want from there.

    Switch between apps

    The Command-Tab shortcut will activate the inbuilt application switcher of Mac OS X. It will let you switch between the active apps that are running on your Mac. Press and hold the Command key and press Tab repeatedly to go from one app to another from left to right.

    Hide the active app

    With the keyboard shortcut, Command-H, you can hide the active app that you are using currently. In case you want to declutter your view, you can use the shortcut Command-Option-H to hide all the other apps that are running in the background and focus more on the app that you are using.

    Bring the Force Quit dialog

    If any app on your Mac fails to respond, then you can use the keyboard shortcut Command-Option-Esc to bring the Force Quit dialog that will help you in quitting the non-responsive app.

    Navigate to Applications, Desktop, Utilities and Home

    With the shortcuts, Command-Shift-A, Command-Shift-U, Command-Shift-D, Command-Shift-H, you can navigate to common folders in the Finder such as Applications, Utilities, Desktop, and Home.

    Take a screenshot

    Take a screenshot by of your Mac's screen with the Command-Shift-3 keyboard shortcut. With the Command-Shift-4 shortcut, you can click and drag any portion of your screen to capture that specific area alone.

    Cut, copy and paste becomes simple

    You can cut, copy and paste content by pressing the shortcuts Command-X, Command-C, and Command-V. These will definitely save a lot of your time every day.


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