Apple fixing iPhone 4S battery life issue

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Oliver Haslam of iDownload Blog had finally came up with a solution regarding the draining of the battery life in iPhone 4S. Apple has been long getting queries related to the draining of the battery back up in iPhone 4S.

Now Oliver Haslam had found that the main problem of this draining of battery life was something related with the operating system in iPhone 4S which is iOS5. The main problem was in the correct display of the local time even if the user switches off the time zone. This unusual behavior is expected to be the main reason of the battery draining in iPhone 4S.

Apple fixing iPhone 4S battery life issue

After identifying this issue, Apple came up with a solution that is

  • To disable the “Setting Time Zone”.

  • The only thing the users have to do is to manually change the time once you travel to a different time zone.

The problem was mainly identified by Oliver Haslam of iDownload Blog in which he claims that

  • The problem was mainly caused by a bug in iOS5 which initiates the location tracking circuitry to constantly check mobile phone towers in order to determine the location of the smartphone.

  • The program probably makes use of the signal from the mobile phone towers in order to get a confirmation on the current location.

  • The fact is that this feature is an optional feature which means the users can use it only if they desire to use it.

But all good works come with critics too. There are many users who have tested by disabling the Setting Time zone and they claim that they have not seen a considerable change in the battery life even after doing so. Where as Apple has not officially commented on the bug that is causing the problem in iPhone 4S.

The navigation in order to disable the Setting Time Zone in iPhone 4S is given below;

  • Settingsà location servicesà System services.

Apple had heir own research as far as the draining of battery in iPhone 4S is concerned. They are about to launch one of the latest versions of iPhone 4 which is expected to provide more talk time as well as stand by time compared to the previous versions. Any ways the solution from this blogger in order to increase the battery life in iPhone 4S would be a welcome solution for most of the existing iPhone 4S user’s at least to a greater extent.

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