OPPO's latest AI technology makes OPPO F5 a one-of-its kind Selfie Smartphone in the market

    Smartphone cameras have evolved to the point where one can leave Point & Shoot cameras and even some DSLRs at home and let the smartphone do the job. The cameras in today's mobile devices can deliver detailed images, stunning depth of field effect, time-lapse, slow-motion and almost everything else you expect from a DSLR.

    OPPO's latest AI technology makes OPPO F5 a unique Selfie Smartphone

    And while rear cameras have improved significantly in the past few years, it is now time that the front camera on mobile handsets reach the same level of efficiency and skills.

    We have some really good selfie centered smartphones from smartphone manufacturers. One mobile phone maker that has always pushed the envelope in selfie category and is once again ready to bring a new revolution is OPPO.

    OPPO has announced company's latest Selfie Expert smartphone- F5 in the Indian market. Priced at Rs. 19,990 (4GB), OPPO F5 is engineered to take smartphone photography to an all new level, especially the selfiess you capture. The smartphone's front camera is built to deliver clear and natural beauty of every subject in the image.

    OPPO F5 does this with the help of company's latest breakthrough, AI Beauty technology, first-of-its kind in the industry. The machine learning technology makes the front 20MP front camera on OPPO F5 the best-in-class selfie camera in the market today.

    Let's find out how Artificial Intelligence makes OPPO F5 the Selfie smartphone we all were waiting for.

    Deep Analysis of Human faces to enhance selfie capture process

    The machine learning technology powering the front camera on OPPO F5 self-learns and recognizes the differences between skin tones and color, age, gender of subjects within an image, and makes appropriate and relevant beautification enhancements to each subject.

    The complex algorithm has the ability to differentiate male from female subjects, babies from adults, and make appropriate subtle enhancements to improve the self portraits. It will avoid "one-for-all" and unnatural enhancements such as feminine enhancements on male subjects.

    While clicking a selfie, AI Beauty Technology records more than 200 facial recognition spots of a face, containing various delicate facial features including your nose, forehead, cheeks or lower jaws, etc. This helps the camera deliver results that a standard selfie camera can never achieve.

    Customized Beauty Effects

    So far we have seen the standard Beautification effects on various selfies smartphones. These filters apply beauty effects in one standard process which is technically not the best way to enhance a slefie. We as human have different face structures, skin shades and features that need to be analyzed before applying a beauty effect.

    This is where OPPO F5 takes a lead on other selfie centered smartphones in the market. The F5 captures one's real beauty with the AI Beauty Technology that gives a customized beauty effect, no matter which environment or who you're taking the Selfie with. This ensures that everyone in the picture looks naturally beautiful with accurate skin tones and sans blemishes.

    How OPPO's Selfie AI technology works

    As we mentioned, OPPO's seflie AI technology can distinguish between faces of different people. This is achieved with the help of deep analysis by comparing results with a massive global image database of human faces.

    The database was maintained to gather information and learn from specific granular facial features of different people. OPPO's Selfie AI technology always keep learning under the guidance of photographer and make-up artist, improving its skills day by day. The complex AI algorithms helps camera to ecognize skin tones and types, gender, and ages of all subjects in the image to deliver an unmatched selfie experience.

    For males, the AI Beauty technology can analyze the detailed facial features like face shapes, stubble and so on to produce appealing selfies.

    For female portraits, it sustains the actual colors in an image and also takes care of traditional elements, like a 'Bindi' clearly and vividly. This has never been achieved by any other selfie camera in the market.

    Extensive R&D to achieve 50 scenes optimization for enhance selfies

    The AI technology applied by OPPO also takes use of company's extensive R&D process to improve the selfie experience. As per a survey, the company has zeroed down on 50+ scenes in which customers usually take a selfie. This helped OPPO analyze the influence of Artificial Intelligence on a particular face under a different light, temperature and colour tone. This helps the camera deliver better results by utilizing the available lighting to produce images with accurate skin tones and intact details.

    The AI Beauty technology also helps producing appelaing group selfies. It enables customized beautification enhancements for each face identified in a group selfie to provide and perform different Blemish reduction levels on male and female faces. The AI technology has the ability to remove black circles but still keep details of eyes intact

    Camera Specifications

    Now when you know what makes OPPO F5 the one-of-its kind selfie smartphone, let's take a look at camera hardware. The smartphone comes installed with a 20MP front camera with an ultra-sensitive F2.0 aperture and 1/2.8" sensor. Both features allow the camera to gain more information to produce better images with less noise in low light conditions.


    The front-camera Portrait mode has the ability to apply a Bokeh effect to the background, creating better gradation and making you the focus of the selfie shot, every time.

    As far as rear camera is concerned, the 16MP rear shooter works on a customized sensor IMX 398 from Sony. The camera sensor works on F1.8 aperture for brighter and more precise shots in darker settings.

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