Should You Buy an Apple iPhone 7 or Look for These Affordable Options? Let’s Find Out

    Every year, high-profile smartphone manufacturers like Apple and Samsung launch their flagship smartphones and raise the bar by one level (in terms of overall package). Samsung’s current flagship, the Galaxy S7 is already being labeled as the best Android smartphone of the year.

    Should You Buy an Apple iPhone 7 or Look for These Affordable Options?

    Apple, on the other hand, has recently launched its flagships, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus as an answer to the Samsung Galaxy S7. Only to worsen this battle of flagship smartphones, Google, with the launch of Pixel and Pixel XL, has also joined the bandwagon.

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    The search engine giant killed its iconic Nexus series of smartphones to make a phone that is classic Google inside and out. Is it worth killing the Nexus lineup to achieve this feat is an argument for another day. But, one of the main goals behind this is to create a hardware ecosystem much like how Apple does with its product lineup. Of course, to compete against the likes of Cupertino tech-giant as well.

    Should You Buy an Apple iPhone 7 or Look for These Affordable Options?

    In addition, other smartphone manufacturers like Motorola and LG are coming up with smartphones based on Modular technology, which provide convenience and flexibility more than anything else.

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    On the flip side, there are smartphones by Chinese manufacturers which are equipped with top-notch hardware, offers flagship-level performance, and are priced at almost half of what an Apple or a Samsung’s flagship cost.

    Should You Buy an Apple iPhone 7 or Look for These Affordable Options?

    Amid all these options, it's only obvious for a normal consumer to get bewildered. So, we at GizBot have attempted to write this article in order to make things easier for you to decide which one to pick.

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    The Apple iPhone 7 is overpriced and has no standard 3.5mm headphone jack

    To start with, the Apple iPhone 7 is overpriced. Sure, it offers top-notch performance, packs latest hardware, and most importantly sports a highly capable camera (one of the major differentiating factors among flagships).

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    But what’s new? Almost all the flagships these days come with similar features and offer almost similar performances. On top of that, it doesn't have a 3.5mm headphone jack, meaning you’ll have to invest on another connector (to use your 3.5mm earphones/headphones) or you'll have to make do with whatever you get along with the iPhone out-of-the-box. 

    All that sums up the reason why we would suggest you to consider phones below rather than buying the Apple iPhone 7, which will be available in India starting from midnight today.

    Moto Z 

    Moto Z, the latest flagship from Motorola is the company’s first take on Modular technology (read our first impressions here). At a thickness of 5.2mm, it’s slim and looks good to the eye not to mention feels sturdy in the hand. In fact, it’s one of the best looking smartphones Motorola has ever made.

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    In addition, there’s support for Moto Mods, the USP of Moto Z series smartphones. Though investing on a Mod will take the final price closer to that of an iPhone 7, it’s the luxury to select what you need is what counts rather than simply purchasing whatever the company’s offering. And that’s what brings the Moto Z into this list. 

    OnePlus 3

    With the OnePlus 3, the company seems to have found the perfect balance between the two Ps — performance and price. It has almost all the features you’d expect from a high-end smartphone and offers nearly flagship-level performance. The best part is it's actually priced at less than half of what the iPhone 7 is priced at. Meaning you can purchase two OnePlus 3s and still save around Rs. 4,000. 

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    Google Pixel and Pixel XL

    Finally, let's talk about the recently launched Google Pixel and Pixel XL. Apart from being manufactured by Google itself, both Pixel and Pixel XL have a few features which are unlikely to make their way to other Android smartphones.

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    Like all the other flagships, the Google Pixel and Pixel XL feature top-of-the-line hardware. Also, you can expect timely software updates which is still a distant dream for other Android smartphones. In addition, you get access to Google Assistant, unlimited storage space, and pixel launcher which are exclusive to these smartphones only.

    If all the above fail to grab your attention, you get the highest rated camera on a smartphone anyone has ever made. That’s something worth it. 


    Eventually, it all boils down to your preference. If you're surrounded by Apple’s ecosystem, then iPhone 7 may be a good phone to pick. But, considering the lack of innovation on the current generation iPhones, you're better off buying an Android phone which is half of its price (OnePlus 3). Or maybe, get yourselves the Google Pixel or Moto Z where innovation is evident. 


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