What exactly is Night Mode and does it help smartphone users

Get to know more about Night Mode on your smartphone.

    The night mode was a functionality that was rolled out by Apple along with iOS 9.3. Now, this feature is gradually making its way on several Android smartphones as well. The Night Mode is a useful feature for the users.

    What exactly is Night Mode and does it help smartphone users

    These days, an increased number of smartphone users have troubles such as eye strain on using gadgets such as smartphones, TV screens, etc. for a prolonged duration. In such a scenario, this functionality becomes pretty useful.

    Here we will provide more information about the Night Mode and the benefits of having this feature. Also, we detail the steps those are involved in activating this feature on your Android smartphone.

    What is Night Mode? How is it useful?

    The excessive use of gadgets in the evening is said to affect the quantity and quality of sleep. This is due to the exposure to blue light with short wavelength. This is the light that gadgets emit and it has a great impact on you at night.

    With the Night Mode feature, it is possible to give as red tint to the screen and remove the blue light spectrum from the screen. This becomes useful when you are using the device in dark environments as it becomes easier on your eyes. Initially, you might find it a bit different, but you will get used to it soon. Once you are fine with this feature, it will be pretty soothing to look to at the screen.


    A default feature in Android Nougat

    The recent iteration of Google's OS - Android Nougat comes with the Night Mode by default. You need not install any third-patty app to access this feature. You can access it from the settings of the Nougat-based device to remove the blue tint on the display. If you don't have a Nougat device, you can still use a third-party app to remove the blue light spectrum and make it easy for your eyes.

    How to enable Night Mode on your smartphone?

    On the Nougat based devices, you can enable Night Mode by heading to Settings → Display → Night Mode as shown in the image above. It is possible to even adjust the brightness level of the display while this feature is turned on. Moreover, you can set when this feature should turn off automatically as well.

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    Manufacturer specific models too have this feature

    Apart from the Nougat powered smartphones, even models from specific manufacturers have the night mode feature. For instance, devices from Samsung, OnePlus, Asus, Huawei, etc. have this feature hidden in the Settings menu. All you need to do is just activate the feature and enjoy using your phone without much strain on your eyes.

    Third-party apps are there for your rescue

    If your phone doesn't have this feature by default, you can still enjoy the benefits by installing third-party apps from Google Play Store. The result you achieve from these apps is similar to the Night Mode on Android Nougat. One of the popular apps that you can download and use is Bluelight Filter. It has similar functions as the Nougat's inbuilt feature. In addition, there are features such as choosing the filter color from an array of seven shades, a notification widget, an activation time schedule, and home screen shortcuts.

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